A letter from the President – August 2016

A letter from the President – August 2016

August 2016

Hello fellow ORCSA members,

As I sit in my cool air-conditioned home, putting my thoughts on paper about ORCSA, I feel somewhat at a loss for words – and it’s not from all the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing, but rather my reflecting on the years that I have been involved with this organization. Norm and I have been a part of this group since the late 1980s. For the first 15+ years or so, we were pretty much just members, going to some of the meetings, attending our annual picnics and just making new horse friends or seeing old horse friends. Then in the early 2000s, due to some unfortunate happenings with the then secretary/treasurer, ORCSA re-organized and some of us took over and tried to keep ORCSA going. 5o since then, l’ve been working with our Board members over the years as your secretary, vice-president and now president. ln our most recent past, I was cast into the president position when the then president suddenly resigned. I took the lines and willingly too since, I felt we had a good bunch of members on the board at the helm. But it is time for me to step aside and let someone else try their hand at moving ORCSA forward. I will not be seeking another term for President. l’ve enjoyed working with all the officers and trustees over the years and look forward to seeing ORCSA stay intact and grow with new members and hoping old members get involved to help keep this good group of draft horses lovers and owner together. The rest of this year, as I finish my term, we have an election to get through * not just ORCSA, but a national election for our Country’s President- and who know what the results of that election will bring in the future!

I hope we get a few young folks, either male or female, to apply for our 2017 ORCSA Youth Representative. We were very fortunate to have two young women represent us this year, and l’d like to thank them both for doing a great job. I was fortunate to “see them in action” at the Ohio State Fair recently, and they did a great job and looked quite beautiful too ! Thank you Lexy and Morgan !

Our Fall Outing is planned for OCTOBER 2 and will be hosted by our members, Dave and Diana Long. I am looking forward to seeing them soon and hope we will have a good turnout of members. Dave and Diana have a beautiful farm and home near South Charleston, Ohio. We’ll have a map for you in this newsletter. PLEASE plan to come and spend the day with usl We have a very sood clinic planned too.

We’ll get more information to you as this day gets closer.

Thank you for allowing me to serve and being involved in ORCSA for all these years – it’s been frustrating at times, but rewarding too, to see ORCSA still kicking and growing.

Your President

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