May 22, 2016 Minutes

ORSCA General Meeting 5/22/16

Previous minutes accepted as presented in newsletter. First: Hines Second: Dodds

Treasurer Report:

Cost of web page addressed to Web Master Knapp. In researching cost it was found that the current cost of $101.40/year is the best price with the current host. Also currently pay $18.00 per year for the domain name.

Pres. Guiher recommended to the membership that the farm link be raised from a $5 one time fee to $5 per year fee and additional $5 per page for pictures. First: Brandon K. Second: Andy K.. Unanimous vote to accept.

Equine Affair:

Price increase in effect for 2017

Have been applying late for the last 2 years so the breed demo is not getting better choice of times. Also breeders take top priority for demo times.

During the Equine Affair there was interested from some attendees in becoming members. There were no forms available at the event, so for 2017 there needs to be forms available to fill out at the event and secure collection of membership fees via a lock box. A poster announcing what the organizations next event will be should also be displayed at the breed stall.

Ohio State Fair:

All trophies have been sponsored. Increased fee for three trophies in 2017 which was presented to members in the last newsletter.


Will be up to individuals to participate and notify membership of which event/parade they will be attending. Michelle Hines will be checking into the cost of having a banner made for ORSCA that can be displayed on any cart/wagon. A list should be sent out to the membership with any upcoming events/parades.


An additional meeting for 2017 will be tentitively added in March at an indoor facility.


A finalized copy of the By-Laws will be delivered with the next newsletter.

Ohio Horsemen Council:

Vice Pres. Oxender will be speaking with a representative from OHC in regards to ORSCA becoming an organization at large, and having a representative from that organization attend the fall meeting. Benefits would include publications in the Coral magazine, reduced insurance costs for ORSCA meetings/outings, and inclusion in horse related events put on by OHC.

Fall Meeting:

Sunday Oct. 2, 2016

Nominations to be sent to Anita Guiher prior to the fall meeting. Final voting will be held at the fall meeting. Positions to be voted on: President, Treasurer, and Clydesdale Trustee.


Sec. Dodds presented the general membership that newsletters should be delivered to the membership via email to save on printing and postage costs. Four members/families will still need to receive printed copies of the newsletter.

B. Knapp recommended that the membership sign-up should include the option to receive newsletters and information via email or standard mail.

Motion to email newsletters: Dodds First: Michelle H. Second: Brandon K.

Motion to adjorn meeting.

ORSCA Executive board meeting 5/22/16 11am

President Anita Guiher calls meeting to order

Motion to pass minutes of last minute(Guiher) first:Hines second:Dodds

Financial Report:

Bills outstanding: Draft Horse Journal and Web Master

Rural Heritage Ad cost $150.00 for 6 issues-Brenda will continue to persue placing the ad

All trophies for the Ohio State Fair have sponsors

Fincial report accepted

Old Business:

Equine Affair-$600 for stall if you bring a horse for the week. One breed demo per week, lack of choices this year due to late entry. Must submit entry on time for 2017.

Outside covered area open for showing horses every day.

New Business:

Michelle Hines is in contact with Fox8 in regards to WolleyBear Parade for this fall.

Need to include in newsletter a listing of parades and events that are paid/unpaid

Due to the difficulty of having multiple members at an event anyone attending a parade/event should notify the members via email so anyone available can notify the member attending. Need ORSCA banner made to display on carts/wagons that are in the parade or event.

Pres. Guiher presented adding another member outing this year. The executive board did not agree but felt an outing at an inside venue for March of 2017 would be a good idea.

Sec. Dodds recommended addressing at the general meeting that newsletters and info. be delivered to members via email to save on the cost of printing and mailing a newsletter. Currently there are only four members/families that will still require a printed copy to be sent.

Vice Pres. Oxender recommended that it be discussed in the general meeting that ORSCA become an at large organization with the Ohio Horsemen Club. Benefits would include reduced insurance, publication in the Coral magazine and inclusion in trail riding and other activities.

Executive board agreed that a monthly calender of events should be given to members to include things such as parades, trail rides (Lorain Metroparks once a month), parades, fairs, etc..

Pres. Guiher requested that we include in the newsletter horse related articles/info as was included in the past.

Motion to adjorn meeting:Guiher First:Oxender Second:Main

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