Winter 2016 Newsletter

by: Jill Dodds, Secretary/br> 13588 West Road
Wakeman, OH 44889
Cell: 440-309-6179
email address:

Dear members,

As I write this newsletter to you ail it is sunny and 40 degrees here by the lake. I hope everyone is enjoying our mild winter, I’m happy not to have the -40 degree wind cills but this muddy winter sure makes it hard to keep our feathered friends clean.

I’d like to give you a quick introduction. My name is Jill Dodds and I have accepted the position of secretary. My husband Mark and our two kids have been involved with Clydesdales (sorry Shire members) and ORSCA for roughly seven years. We live in Vermilion, by the lake, and currently own two Clydesdales. If anyone ever has any questions or ideas for the newsletter please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Attached you will find the revisions to the bylaws that were suggested by the revision committee. Also you will find a ballot to either accept or decline the revised bylaws. If you have an questions or concerns please contact either Anita Guiher or Michelle Mines, it is important that you take a few moments to read over these bylaws and return your ballots as we need a 2/3 majority vote to pass. I know sending back paper ballots isn’t always the first thing on everyones busy schedule, but we have been in discusion at previous board meetings of having other forms of returning ballots, at this time though I ask that you please return your ballots via snail mail to: Daryl Jones ATTN: ORSCA 301 E. Newell St. West Liberty, Ohio 43357.

Our summer picnic this year will be hosted by Mark Main on Sunday May 22 @ 12pm. Address is: 17310 Defiance Pike Rudolph, Ohio 43462. Please bring a covered dish to share and your own beverages.

Any member that has not turned in their renewal for this year that will need to be turned into Brenda Damschroder as soon as possible. We also have several trophy sponsorships still available and you can contact her for that as well. At the last board meeting we looked at the trophy budget for the Ohio State Fair and found that the sponsorship costs are not covering the full cost of the quality trophies that we provided. Starting in 2017 the sponsorship for trophies will be as follows: $50 for the 6 horse hitch, $40 for the unicorn, and $35 for all remaining catagories.

The committee that reviewed our bylaws also discussed filing for a 501c3. From the information we received at the fall outing and research, it has been decided at this time that a 501c3 financially would not benefit the organization at this time.

At the winter meeting there was an open discussion on what events best promote our breeds to the public. Although Hale Farm and Village is a great way to promote the feathered breeds the availability of horses and help makes it difficult to commit to those events, i t has been recommended that we focus more on parades and carriage/wagon rides. Anyone with a great parade or event that you would like to participate in please let Todd Reidell know as soon as possible so it can be planned. Along with our on web page we also have a Facebook page were anyone can post pies and information. Please check it out and “Like” the page.

Have a safe and healthy second half of winter, and let’s have a big turnout at the Summer Outing!!!!

Jill Dodds

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