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Hello ORCSA members,

First off, my sincere apologies for my inability to get the Fall 2014 newsletter out. I had no way to tape the meeting, I take terrible notes, and I went out of town for 10 days the week after the meeting and it took me two months to get caught up at work.

The Fall 2014 meeting was held at Norm and Anita Guiher’s home. After the farrier demonstration, we adjourned to the warm garage for lunch. The meeting was called to order at 3:26pm by Andy Kavalauskas, Myron Knapp seconded. Andy thanked Norm and Anita for hosting. He thanked Lauren Smyth for doing such a great job as ORCSA Youth Representative. He was glad she did it two years and was impressed with how she handled the National Queen at the Ohio State Fair. Lauren’s Youth Rep report is included in this newsletter. The rest of the meeting will be covered under Old Business of the December 13, 2014 meeting.

December 13, 2014 meeting

After attending the Draft Horse Joint Meeting, we dispersed to our separate rooms for individual breed meetings. Andy called the meeting to order at 11:1 lam. Andy remarked that this is a very poor time of the year to have this meeting, as only seven members were able to attend. The following election results were announced: Steve Wisnieski, President; Maureen Wightman, Secretary; Brenda Damschroder, Treasurer; and Amy Grospitch, Shire Rep. Steve was unable to attend this meeting and Andy said that he wants to have an Executive Board meeting in January to transfer any paperwork to new board members and to gather ideas to get people motivated again in their support of the club.

Minutes of Fall Meeting

Brandon Knapp needs good resolution pictures for the website and the brochure. An email was sent out and other than needing a picture of Lauren Smyth driving a cart/wagon with either a Clyde or Shire in lieu of ponies, the brochure looks great. A copy is included. A big Thank You to Mary Ellen Westray for the awesome picture of her riding her Shire!!!

Nominations were taken and accepted for the open board positions: Steve Wisnieski for President, Lauren Smyth and Amy Grospitch for Shire Rep. A motion was made to move nominations to the Fall Meeting from the August Fair meeting because too few members attend the fair. All nominations need to be verified before the ballot is sent out. Michelle Hines asked that the Youth Rep be voted on during the Fall or December meeting so that parents can schedule their vacations around fair appearances. The Youth Rep application will be included in the Spring newsletter, which needs to be returned to the Youth Rep coordinator. Eligible candidates must attend the Fall meeting to introduce themselves. Their names will be on the ballot, along with the nominated board officers. Their bios will also be included with the ballot, so that members who didn’t attend the Fall meeting can make an informed decision when voting. A motion was made that if more than one candidate is running and the voting is not a landslide, i.e., close to a tie, that the club accept both candidates as Youth Rep, with the corresponding tiaras, sashes, hat bands, and $100 stipend at conclusion of fair season to both Youth Reps. Todd Riedel made the motion and Daryl Jones seconded it. This year we had three kids interested – Lexy Hines, McKenna Dodds, and Michael Dodds. Mike Oxender was nominated as Senior Youth Rep and he immediately turned it down 😉 Brenda Damschroder volunteered to be the Youth Rep coordinator. Michelle Hines volunteered to host the Spring meeting at her home on Sunday, June 21, 2015.

Todd Riedel wants to plan a Draft Education/Field Day for ORCSA on a Saturday or Sunday next Spring – hands on, bring friends. Todd, Emily Riedel, and Mary Muller will coordinate.

When Steve lived in Texas, he dressed in traditional Scottish dress while driving his cart. Mike Oxender suggested something like that to fill in between hitch classes at the State Fair.

Todd moved to adjourn the meeting; Brenda seconded.

New Business – Colonel Norm Stuckey passed away 10/7/14. I offer my apologies to his family for the placement of his obituary. I am very pressed for space. The short bios that I had from the Fall meeting on the three candidates for Youth Rep were read and after much discussion, Lexy Hines was selected as the ORCSA 2015 Youth Rep. Anita will arrange for a new sash and tiara.

Andy said that Todd has suggested holding the Draft Field Education Day on Saturday, June 13 but he does not have a location. The activities would include walking plow and riding plow. Due to the proximity of the date with the ORCSA Spring meeting, it was suggested that maybe Todd can schedule it earlier in June/late May. We also need suggestions for a location.

Anita gave a much abbreviated Treasurer’s Report. We currently have $1,062.71 in the bank. She said that Brenda has contacted Rural Heritage about the ad. She will be sending them the new officers’ information. Dues and Trophy Sponsor sheets will be mailed in January. Questions about the trophies’ whereabouts and the sponsorship money were raised. Andy said that the past few years, we have just sent the $25/trophy to the Fair and let them buy trophies and get the name plates. As has been mentioned in past meetings, it was suggested that we bring that function back to the club and that Brenda could take charge. The kids would get actual trophies; the rest of the classes really didn’t care. Halters and a cane or walking stick for Senior Cart class was suggested. Again, nothing was decided.

Equine Affaire — I received all the paperwork from Karin Brennan, Breed Coordinator. Insurance for this event is a real problem. I work at Avon Lake Sheet Metal and our insurance agent will not allow a certificate of insurance to be issued to the Ohio State Fair to cover the ORCSA stall, because Liberty Mutual would throw a fit. The agent said he contacted WestBend Insurance and for the April 9-12, 2015 period, the insurance would be about $300. The insurance is for the stall; each horse who attends EA must also have insurance. The club can no longer rely on a single member covering the stall as Tim and Mary Myers have the past few years. A motion was made by Maureen to get the actual quote from WestBend and pay the $300. Mary seconded. Andy and Mark Main have paid the $200 for the stall for at least seven years, Andy decorates it, and he and Daryl man the ORCSA table with brochures and candy. We need to continue to have a presence at EA as our mission is to promote the Clydesdale and Shire breeds and if we don’t act now, we will lose the only dry stall on that section of the green wall in the Gilligan Building!! According to the paperwork I received, the deadline to have the stall number, farm name, breed of horse, phone number or website listed in the event program is January 1, 2015. Obviously we missed this. I’m going to email Karin Brennan and explain the problem with the insurance and see if I can buy us some time on this, as we were listed in the program last year. I also need to ask if we can still do a Breed demo even though we are late and how soon they need the scripts for the demo as we have NO idea at this time who is attending. Andy said that Kat Wiegand, Bill Roy, Jennifer Hemphill, and others attend but as individuals. ORCSA needs to maintain a presence as we want to educate youth about Clydes and Shires (other than being Budweiser brewery horses) and EA is our best opportunity.

The club’s expenses were discussed to see if the $300 for insurance was feasible. The Draft Horse Journal and Rural Heritage ads, webmaster fees, office supplies, picnic expenses, and Youth Rep accoutrements and travel money are our major expenses. We make nothing off the Trophy Sponsors as that money is sent to the Fair Board. Our main source of income is dues and the Chinese Auction that is held at the Spring meeting. Raising the dues was suggested, but Andy wants to wait until the Executive Board meeting so that Steve can voice his plans for the club. Andy said that he is a member of the Ohio Horseman’s Council and that his membership includes insurance. However, I checked the website and it would not work for ORCSA as their membership is for people, not organizations.

Fundraising is of primary importance. Anita Guiher has t shirts, sweatshirts, and hats available for sale. The American Shire Horse Association has their paraphernalia displayed for sale at EA. I will contact Karia Stoner, ASHA rep to see how she does it. When the EA stall was in the Cow Barn, we were told we could not sell raffle tickets. A transient vendor’s license costs $25 but then we would have to collect sales tax and deal with all the stupid paperwork. ALSO we need way more cool donations for the Chinese Auction at the Spring meeting (and more members to attend)!!!!!

In the middle of the meeting, Judy Peters and Ron Mack showed up. Judy had received a letter and resume from John Welch, asking that he be considered as the Clyde Halter judge. Since no one brought information on judges with them to this meeting, we picked him. Dixie Golliday is getting other names to Judy Peters: Marian Young, Bob Robertson, Gerald Wismer, and Ron Orr. Mark brought up why arm bands aren’t issued in lieu of tickets and Judy said it’s done that way to slow things down at the gate.

Andy asked why Trophy Sponsors receive 1, 3 or 6 day passes depending on how many trophies they sponsor, but only 1 parking pass. Judy said there would be either a single or three day parking pass per trophy (I think). Ron Mack had moved the 4 horse hitch to Wednesday, which upset everyone. He also consolidated all the Open Shire and Registered Shire classes with the corresponding Clydesdale classes due to low participation. He and Judy said repeatedly that nothing was written in stone, so maybe both will get changed. Ron said anyone was more than welcome to come early to get set up. Ron said that if the Cow people’are encroaching on the viaduct when someone is trying to leave, come find him and he’ll either get them to move or he’ll get permits from the State Highway Patrol to leave via 17th avenue. Again, the classes aren’t set in stone. Hopefully all the hitch classes will be on Thursday and Friday. Judy and Ron said that they had Gaited, Icelandics, and Paso Finos interested in doing clinics to fill in between classes earlier in the week. Maybe some members wearing traditional Scottish dress can do the same between hitch classes. 😉 😉

At 12:28pm Anita Guiher made a motion to adjourn. Norm Guiher seconded and Mary thirded.

Respectfully submitted,


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