Past Events
ORCSA Fun Weekend Event held at the Knapp's farm, October 7, 2012!

The ORCSA Fall Weekend Event, 2012, held at Myron and Eleanor Knapp's farm near Rochester, OH.

A gathering of ORCSA members and friends, featuring lots of food, talk, and of course, horses. Host Myron Knapp used his team Echo and Debbie on a cart, while Mark Main had Linsay and May pulling a haywagon full of members, and Mary Muller's had Jacob and Danny on a wagonette, all on a trip through the Knapp farm and woods. Just avoid the deep mud pits and steep hills with no brakes, and a horseful of a good time was had by all!
Talking and Food!
Food and Talking!
Harnessing up Mary Muller's horses, Jacob and Danny
Harnessing up Mark Main's horses, Lindsey and May
The Host, Myron Knapp harnessing up Echo and Debbie
Lindsey and May on the Haywagon
Echo and Debbie on the cart
Mary Muller is driving the wagonette with her sister, Julie riding shotgun.
Myron Knapp taking the cart out
Leaving for the trip!
A load of ORCSA members and friends!
Everyone's having fun on this trip!
The following pictures are of Mark May galloping up a steep muddy hill in the woods near the end of the trip. Note the lack of passengers. Discretion is the better part of valor.
End of the journey!
Getting everyone gathered for a group shot makes herding horses look easy!
Karin Schamber riding an ATV, finishing off the ORCSA extravaganza!

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