Generally, letters should be directed to the secretary and membership applications to the treasurer. Of course, if there is need to write or call any other officer or trustee for individual reasons, feel free to do so!

Left to Right: Andy Kavalauskas, Non-horse owner Trustee; Mike Oxender, Vice-President; Mark Main, Clydesdale Trustee; Todd Riedel, Shire Trustee; Brenda Damschroder, Treasurer; Anita Guiher, President; Michele Hines, Parliamentarian; Jill Dodds, Secretary.

Anita Guiher - Acting President
13588 West Rd
Wakeman, OH 44889
Phone: 440-965-4477

Mike Oxender - Vice President
8597 C/R 0-3
Napoleon, OH 43545
Phone: 419-592-9377

Brenda Damschroder - Treasurer
664 W Yeasting Street, Apt B
Gibsonburg, OH 43431
cell: 419-276-2940

Secretary - Jill Dodds
8314 Furnace Rd
Vermillion, OH 44089
Phone: 440-967-9406
Cell: 440-309-6179

Mark Main - Clydesdale Trustee
17310 Defiance Pike
Rudolph, OH 43462
cell: 419-704-1798

Todd Riedel - Shire Trustee
6168 Greenwich Rd.
Seville, OH 44273
Phone: 330-419-0346

Andy Kavalauskas - Non Horse Owner Trustee
4371 Schwinn Dr.
Riverside, OH 45404