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Winter 2012

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year's Festivities and also-so far- our mild and sunny winter. Are we really in Ohio? As I am writing this today, the day is relatively mild, sunny and quiet. I sure hope we don't have to pay this back when May gets here!

At our December General Membership Meeting, we decided to have a Spring Get -Together in March, and again it will be hosted by Dixie and Dwayne Golliday. March 10 is the date for this with a "bad weather" back up date of March 17. So won't you please plan to come? A map will be included in this newsletter, plus, bring a pot-luck to share and your own drinks. We'll plan to meet at their farm at Noon, have our lunch and then enjoy the afternoon together.We might start with a General Membership Meeting, if President Andy wants one.

By the time this gets to you, Brenda, our Treasurer, will have mailed out the 2012 Membership renewals and Ohio State Fair Trophy Sponsorship forms along with an invoice for these. Please return them and your monies as soon as possible to Brenda.

Don't forget to talk to our young folks and encourage them to send in an application to be our 2012 Youth Representative. If you don't have the guidelines and form from the last newsletter, they can be printed off our web site Also, if you have any changes for me, in regards to phone numbers, address changes or email addresses, get them to me so that we can keep our records and information up to date.

At the December Meeting, Norm and I offered to host our Summer Picnic/Meeting, but we have not picked a date yet. I'll have that information in our Spring Newsletter - but for now, put that on "the back burner" of your brain and plan to come and be with your fellow draft horse peers. We always have a good time together, and we sure eat well!

Equine Affaire 2012, April 12-15, will be here before we know it and once again, ORCSA, will have a stall/booth set up with some of our members' horses on display for the Public to see, enjoy and have "hands on" time. Our stall "candidates" truly draw the people to our stall when the stall door is open and his or her head is out the door - looking for someone - anyone- to pet them. Also, we will participate in our Breed Demo* with Tim and Mary Myers bringing their 6 horse show hitch plus,-hopefully, Lynn and Mary Muller will bring their team and maybe a few other members will bring halter, riding and cart horses for the Demo. Maria Sidell, Mary, and Tim Myers are the contacts for Equine Affaire if you have questions or want to bring horses or volunteer to "man" our stall/booth during the week's events. Here's their phone numbers: Maria's cell - 419-680-9180, Mary's cell - 419-680-6991 & Tim's cell - 419-355-4230.

The minutes of the December Membership meeting are in this newsletter, Financial report, up to early December, plus highlights of the All Breed Draft Horse and Pony Meeting.

Don't forget, if you have something to sell or want, get me your classified ad and I'll put it in the newsletter plus on our web site....this is free advertising for our members.

For those of you who have Stallions to promote, send me their information on our "Stallion Report" form (included in this newsletter) or it can be found on our web site. I try to get the returned Stallion Reports in the newsletters, when able, and especially, in the Spring Newsletter, so send your information to me.

Take care now,