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Winter 2009

Jill Dodds, Secretary
12820 Darrow Rd.
Vermilion, Ohio 44089
Home Phone: 440-967-9406
Cell Phone: 440-309-6179

Hello to all our Members,

Hope everyone is getting off to a great start for 2009, and that we can all lose those lOlbs we gained from the good holiday food. First I would like to thank those of you who voted for me as Secretary and give you a quick intro about myself. My husband Mark, my daughter McKenna, my son Michael, and I owned our first Clydesdale about three years and instantly recognized and fell in love with all the qualities that make them such a wonderful breed. We have been lucky enough to have our horses boarded at Norm and Anita Guiher's place and have learn a lot from them. We did a couple of shows this last season and are looking forward to doing a lot more this next season. Thanks to all who helped us get our feet wet this last season. I have taken over the Secretary position from Angie Borck, and would like to thank her for the work she did over the last year. Being this is my first newsletter I have tried to put together everything that in the past has been needed at this time of year. If anyone has information they need changed or something they would like to include in a newsletter please contact me from the information above.

There are a lot of forms included in this newsletter, so please look them over carefully and turn them in as soon as you can. The stallion form can be returned to me (or you can call me with your info), if anyone needs stallion service before I can include them in the spring newsletter please feel free to call me. Please have your membership fees to Brenda by Feb. 15th and keep your eyes and ears open for a youth representative so we can get that information to Sandy Weldy. Also there are still some Ohio State Fair trophies available for sponsorship, enclosed is the list of what is still available. Please let Brenda know as soon as possible what you can sponsor so that your name can be announced when your trophy is presented. This years summer pick will be hosted by Tim and Mary Myers, and a big thank you to them for offering their place to host this event. Time, date and directions will be in the spring news letter.

Also the Equine Affair will be upon us before we know it, and anyone who can donate their time or a horse for the stall or breed demo would be greatly appreciated. Point of contact for this event is Maria Sidell 1-419-637-3001. This is a great opportunity to show off our stuff, and Maria was able to get us a breed demo spot right in front of Clinton Anderson last year so we had a big audience.

Hopefully I have covered all that needs to be at this time. I look forward to seeing everyone at the different events over the next year.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

Jill Dodds