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Winter 2008

Angie Borck
c/o Storm Ridge Farm
11393 County Road 5
Delta, Ohio 43515
cell number: 419-466-9665
fax number: 419-825-1912
home number 419-825-1208
Sam's cell: 419-466-0485

Hi there,

Happy New Year! 1 hope your holiday season was a good one! It is always to good have the season here but I sure was glad to see 2007 go! Before I get down to business, let me take a few moments and introduce myself, for those of you that do not know me. I am Angie Borck the ORSCA Secretary for the next couple of years. I am happily married to Sam Borck, my husband of 3 years. We have black Clydesdales, mostly geldings and one stallion (who may end up a gelding), and the mare at our farm is our Clyde/ Saddlebred cross mare "Georgia" (aka "Moose"). We show primarily in hitch classes, but have done an occasional halter class. We tend to like the county fairs and state fair shows the best. But enough about us, let's get down to business...

I have taken the secretary job over from Anita Guiher, who has done a tremendous job for the last several years, I have BIG shoes to fill! Please if you have any suggestions or input for how you would like the newsletter to be let me know, I will do my best, but be patient with me. I plan on having 4 newsletters out every year. Anita did them in the early apart of the year and then 3 more around the season change, so January, March, June, and September. I will be getting things together around the 2-3 weeks for those months, if you have something you would like in the newsletter please get it to me during those weeks. How to reach me? Above is our address, phone numbers, email, and fax number. Please keep in mind that my cell number is always the best number to reach me. I have voice mail that I check several times a day on my cell number.

Included in this newsletter : September 16, 2007 Executive Board Meeting Minutes, Dec. 8, 2008 General Membership Meeting Minutes, information on our Annual Spring Fling Meeting, Membership Application (please note the changes), note from Al Sidell President of ORSCA, Joint Breeders Meeting (informal minutes),Bullet points from Tim Myers our Clydesdale Breed, 2007 Budget report from Brenda Damschroder our Treasurer, Stallion information from Ohio Stallions. Horses for Sale, Classes needing sponsporship for the OSF(see below)

Here is the news you need to know: Maria Sidell is our Equine Affair representative. Equine Affair will be April 10-13,2008. Maria is looking for help with the booth, breed demonstration, etc. We will be discussing all of that at the Spring Fling meeting.

Also, keep in mind we are going to be in need of a youth representative, keep your ears and eyes open for suitable candidates!

We still have several classes that need sponsorship at the Ohio State Fair Show, please check the list and make your selections. Keep in mind if you sponsor a class this year it is $30.00, if you sponsor for 2008 and 2009 is it only $50.00! What a deal!!

Jr.Ch. Shire Stallion(858)
Sr.Ch Shire Stallion (854)
Jr. Ch. Shire Mare (870)
Sr. Ch Shire Mare (866)
Champ.Shire Gelding(876)
Best Bred Am Shire Stallion(860)
Best Bred Am. Shire Mare (872)
Jr. Ch Clyde Stallion (832)
Sr. Ch. Clyde Stallion (828)
Jr Ch Clyde Mare (843)
Sr. Ch Clyde Mare(839)
Gr. Ch Clyde Mare (844)
Best Am Bred Mare (846)
Reg Team (958)
Shire Mare Cart-Gent toDrive (883)
Shire S/G Cart Lady Driver (887)
Clyde Cart Lady Driver (890)
Jr. Showmanship (880)
Youth under saddle (882)
Adult under saddle (885)
Ch Gelding/ Mare (851)

Please Contact Theresa Shively 8452 Jug St Rd NW, Alexandria, Olio 43001-9711