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Winter 2007 Issue

Hello ORCSA members

As I am sitting down to put this newsletter together - it's like an April Spring Day. Sixty degrees and showers - well, actually, downpours. Can you imagine if this was SNOW!? Yikes! I hope you all have enjoyed a peaceful, healthy and happy Holiday Season this past December. Norm and I were saddened by the passing of our good pal, mentor and "second" father, Giles Anderson, from Wellington, Ohio, who at 92+, had just come to visit us on December 21, to wish us a Merry Christmas and on December 23, he had passed away in his sleep. He -was so vibrant and alive, that Thursday, and we have always been in awe of him for his vitality, alert attitude and humbleness. Without his nurturing and patience, we both know we would not have attained our knowledge on Clydes, and for Norm, the ability to drive our “6 up" of geldings. Giles knew more about horses and probably forgot more about horses than we will ever know in our lifetimes. We will miss him, as he surely was one of a kind. But, we were "honored" to offer and then take Giles to his final resting place in Wellington, Ohio, with our team -Fonzo and Scotty hitched to our work wagon, that Giles had spent hours driving and teaching us from.

Well, moving on, as 2007 proceeds, some of you are already on "watch patrol" for new foals and/or planning to breed your mares for 2008 foals. I've enclosed some of our members "Stallion Report", so look them over and consider using studs from our ORCSA members for your breeding needs.

Also, it's time to consider having our youths apply for our 2007 Youth Representative. We'd like to have a couple applications to consider when we vote for our "Rep" at the Summer Picnic Meeting, which will be hosted by Pauline Eaton and Jody Dellaria from the New London area. The day and time for our picnic will be announced at a later date. Please put this in your "memory bank", as we'd love to have more members join us for this FUN day.

Don't forget to send in your 2007 membership dues to Brenda Damschroder.
our Treasurer at: 6142 CR 85, Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Family membership dues are $25.00 and Single membership is $18.00. Also, if you'd like to sponsor a trophy for the 2007 Ohio State Fair, it will cost 130.00 for the trophy. Contact Theresa Hall Shively at: 740-924-7445 for mote information and what classes are still available.

We are having our Mid Winter - Early Spring get together at the same site as last year on Saturday March 10. We'll have our meeting, pot luck lunch and socializing during the afternoon. This is a very nice facility for our meeting and is more centrally located in the state, so we hope more members can plan to come and “talk a little horse” and enjoy visiting with each other. Mark your calendars! I have a map and directions in this newsletter for your convienience.

The Ohio Exposition Draft Horse Show is June 22, 23 & 24 2007 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard, Ohio. We’ll have more on this later.

The Ohio State Fair dates for the Clydesdales and Shire classes are August 9 and 10. I have also enclosed a listing for all Ohio Fair dates for 2007 for your information.

2007 Equine Affaire is April 12-15....check the minutes for our December 16, 2006 meeting, which are enclosed for information on this upcoming event.

I guess this is about all I can think of to cover, so....hope to see lots of you on March 10 in Grove City!



We will need members who can help with "manning" our Equine Affaire Display. AND, we need to know who can and will bring a horse for the stall or horses for a Breed Demo. CONTACT MARLA SIDELL - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you can help, notify her PRIOR TO JANUARY 28.

Phone: 419-637-3001 home, 419-680-9180 Cell # or email at: