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Winter 2006 Issue

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you! As I sit down to write to you, it is the last day of 2005, and I have been reflecting back over the past year. So many things have happened this year -worldwide, nation wide and locally, and a lot of it was filled with loss, sadness, death and devastation. I hope 2006 will be better for the world and for each of us. I have a few things to cover in this newsletter, so I will get started.

1st item: Please send in your 2006 dues, I have enclosed a form for this, if you have not done so already.

2nd item: 2006 Ohio State Fair Trophy Sponsors are still needed. This year the trophy will cost $30.00 and a form is enclosed in this newsletter for any one who can and is willing to sponsor a class. (Form here)

3rd item: The change to our By-Laws and the By-Laws will be put on our website ( If you do not have access to our site and if you want a copy of them, let me know, and I will send the copy to you. We will give out the current By-Laws to any new members with their application/dues form. (Form here)

4th item: Our 2005 Financial Report is included in this newsletter.

5th item: A 2005 membership listing and addresses are also in this newsletter.

6th item: Minutes of the December 10, 2005 General Membership Meeting are included (here), plus highlights of the All Breed OSF meeting (here) held prior to our meeting.

7th item: Stallion listings for 2006 - if any one is looking for stallion services for their mares and want to use a stallion belonging to our members.

8th item: Our Classified ads are also listed.

We are requesting our members to send me information on our youths and their accomplishments in the equine world, so that we can feature them in our newsletter. A little recognition is a good thing for their hard work and also lets them know we really care about them and want them to continue their interests and talents with the draft horse, well into their adult life too. We are proud of them and want to let them know this. It also might be something that we could put on our website in the future, if I get any response to this request. Let me know what you think, ok?

Please mark your calendars for February 18, 2006. which is our Spring Meet. I will have information in this newsletter on this meet. Hope you will join us.

Can't think of any thing else that I need to cover, so 'til I see you again, "Happy Trails"