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Winter Issue - December 2004

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

By the time you get this winter newsletter, we all will have celebrated Christmas and watched the New Year roll in and gotten through a wicked snow storm (they're calling it a blizzard!). I hope everyone will have a very successful and healthy 2005. I also hope, in 2005, that we can see our troops in Iraq come home safely, and that Iraq can have some sense of democracy and peace - this I know is a BIG HOPE! But we have to keep hoping for these things to happen - don't we?

As for ORCSA, 2005 will welcome its new President, Al Sidell and new Clydesdale Trustee, Tim Myers. I look forward to working with these two men, both of which I hold a good deal respect. I know they will bring new ideas to our Board, and they will work hard to help make ORCSA even better and serve their positions with integrity and foresightedness.

The Ohio State Fair All Breed meeting on December 11 was interesting, to say the least. Those of us who attended will probably agree with me that it was hard to follow - but I think the intention that Ron Mack, our OSF All Breed liaison person, had was a good concept, just didn't get presented clearly. Hopefully, next year's meeting will see, hi place, Ron's nomination committee up and working and our judge nominees all willing, capable and able to perform the jobs needed at the OSF.

After the OSF meeting adjourned, each breed association went to separate rooms and conducted then" individual membership meeting. I've enclosed the minutes of this meeting, dated 12-11-04. Also, I am putting in copies of our 2005 dues applications, OSF Trophy Sponsorships for 2005, our Stallion Listing form, Website form and our application form for our 2005 ORCSA Rep. Please take time to look these over and fill out information for any appropriate forms that pertain to you and then return them to the correct contact person listed on the forms or to me.

Remember our DUES for 2005 have been increased, so look this form over for the change.

I want to put "classified ads" in our newsletter, as members send things to me that they'd like to advertise. If you have something or a horse to sell, trade or want, send me your information, and I will have it in our newsletters. Let me know how many times you want it put in also. You can either use the postal service or email me with your ads. My email address: al guiher (g),LRB

Our Web site,, is looking pretty nice - BUT we need more members to use this method of getting their farm/horses exposed to the public and other horse enthusiasts. This is a very inexpensive way to show off "your stuff.

I would like to ask our membership for help in getting us information on any county fairs and show dates that have Clyde/Shire classes so that Sandy Weldy, Chairperson of our Representative Committee, can make a list of fairs/shows to give to our Rep. for planning purposes. Please send or call this info to Sandy Weldy at her phone number: 614-877-1212 or email:
or her address of:
7856 Harrisburg-London Rd.
Orient, OH 43146

Well, I'd better cut this off and get this in the mail to you folks!

All the Best Wishes for 2005

Anita L. Guiher Secetary, ORCSA

Al Sidell -President
2574 C.R. 74
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Loren Damschroder -Vice-President
Brenda Damschroder -acting Treasurer
6142 C.R. 85
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Anita Guiher - Secretary
9318 ST.RTE. 113E.
Berlin Heights, OH 4481

Andy Kavalauskas - Trustee
4371 Schwinn Dr.
Riverside, OH 45404

Richard Forthofer - Trustee
5570 E. 200 S.
Portland, IN 47371

Tim Myers - Trustee
3130 C.R. 239
Fremont, OH 43420