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Summer 2013

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

Here it is almost July, 2013 - so where has this year gone - already? For Norm and myself, this year has become a blur. Once we decided and sold our farm, we both seem to be going in 20 directions, at the same time - you know the saying - "The faster I go, the behinder I get" - that's really how it is for us right now. But, we're looking forward and hopeing our new place will be comfortable, relaxing and bring us new adventures and memories. We hope to move into the new home in August or September. Unfortunately, as of today. Rural Water has not started "their promised" project to connect the 2 ends of their water system on the road, which is only about 1 mile worth of water line, so we are hoping and praying this will start soon, so we'll have water when we're ready to move. We have until mid September at the farm before the new owners want us to move out. I'm keeping a my fingers crossed that all goes well and as planned.

We had a nice turn out for our Summer Picnic/General Meeting on June 1, hosted by the Adkins Family, who live near Sullivan, Ohio. As usual, we had our extensive spread of delicious food s to sample and eat - and we all did a decent job of doing so! We had our meeting and voted Lauren Smyth to be our 2013 Youth Representative. We have 2 new members join us recently and President Andy introduced them to us at this meeting. Look forward to getting to know both of them better and hope to encourage more folks to join up with this group. Our next General Membership Meeting will be August 2, 2013, held during the Ohio State Fair. The meeting will start at 9:00am, in the meeting room on the Green Wall in the Horse Barn. Please try to attend, as this meeting is were we nominate for the Officer positions that will need to be filled for 2014. This year, it will be Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Clydesdale Trustee. I will not be running for the Secretary position, so PLEASE consider someone, who has the time and energy to fill this position. I will help out the new secretary as much as I can, if it is wanted, and I promise not to "dump it" all on who ever takes the job. Our Fall Outing will be held at the Sidell's home, so look for more information on this at a later time.

If anyone has changes, additions or items to sell, want or trade, let me or Brandon Knapp, our Webmaster, know so we can get this information on the Web site. He'll gladly help you with any of this. The minutes of the June 1 meeting are included in ths newsletter. I apologize for making this a short newsletter, but I'm getting pressed for time, as our farm auction is on July 13, 2013 starting at 10:00am. Please check out our auctioneer's web site for photos and a listing of items for our auction. A lot of "stuff' won't be listed, but will be auctioned too, so maybe there's something for everyone. The auctioneer's site is: There will be ads in the "Firelands Farmer", "Farm and Dairy", "The Norwalk Reflector" and other small local newspapers. Well, I hope to see some of you at our auction and/or at the Membership Meeting on August 2, 2013.

Take care now