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Summer 2006 Issue

Howdy to everyone!

As Summer 2006 begins soon, I know there are a lot of our members getting their horses, harnesses, show carts and show wagons ready for another big season of fairs and shows. There are also a lot of us, who are looking out our windows and watching the horses graze on lush green pastures, and/ or we're watching our foals run, play, frolic and grow - healthy and happy, along side their mamas - those Great Shire and Clydesdale Broodmares!

On a serious note, as another Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, I felt a the need to stop and reflect a bit on what this Holiday really meant to me and to my country. Over the history of the ole U.S.A., our young men and women have sacrificed so much - their lives and limbs, for our way of life and safety. Today, maybe it might be more important than ever, our young people are doing the same for all of us - world wide now - trying to help make our "Mother Earth" a safer place to exist on. I try to think about this often, but especially over this past Memorial Day. I am proud of all our military personnel and pray for those in Iraq and Afghanistan and all those dangerous areas, that they can come home soon, to continue on with their lives, families and careers. I wish I could thank them personally "for their jobs well done", but I know that is impossible, so instead, I will try to honor them - both the dead and living soldiers - in my thoughts and prayers and fly our United States Flag everyday, in their honor. As time goes on, this red, white and blue "ole Glory" really is important, and I hope too, to everyone who resides in this country. Even with all its flaws, it is still the best place to be live and worth fighting for its future and future generations. Norm and I do not have any one serving our country right now, but for those of you who might, God be with you and with your loved ones. I will remember them all on the 4th of July too.

I have a few announcements to make:

Our 2006 ORCSA Youth Representative is Emilee Edwards, who was re- elected at our summer picnic and will serve us for another year. I wish to thank Nicole Mitchell, the granddaughter of members, Mr & Mrs. Robert Harvey from the Shelby, Ohio area, for being a candidate too. I wish Nicole all the best and hope she will continue her interest and activities with the draft horses, especially our Clydes and Shire Drafts. I'd like to invite her family and Nicole to join us this fall for our 2nd Annual Fall Camp-out and Activity Weekend, so more members can get to meet and know her and her family.

The Ohio Exposition Draft Horse Show is soon to be upon us (June 23,24 and 25) at Hillard, Ohio held at the Franklin County Fair Grounds. I wish everyone all the Best for those who are competing and wish our members, who don't show, that they just might take the time to go and watch and support our members with your presence and applause.

Don't forget the Ohio State Fair in August - check our web site for dates or go to for forms and information.

Our Fall Camp-out and Activity Weekend will be September 29, 30 and October 1 (move in date is Sept 29 if you want), to be held at Clearview Stables - Norm and Anita Guiher's farm located near Berlin Heights, Ohio. This will be our 2nd year for this fun filled - "food filled" weekend get together. There will be more on this in our next newsletter, but I hope our members will try to come and join in on the fun - the more the merrier, even if you can only come for a few hours or a day or for the entire weekend - we have lots of room for everyone.

I've included the minutes of our Summer Picnic Membership Meeting held on May 21 at Sam and Angie Borck's farm. A big "Thank you" to them for being our gracious hosts - we all had a nice time, with great items for our Chinese Auction and of course, our famous pot luck lunch.

A reminder to you, if you have horses, horse equipment, tack, machinery or a service to offer, send me your ads, and I will include them in the newsletters - you never know, someone might be looking for what you have for sale or trade. Also, don't forget, if you have a young person you'd like to "feature and brag" about a little, send me your information, and it will be put in our newsletters.

Well, as usual, I have gone on probably too long for most of you, but I hope you find something of interest in our newsletters.

Until the next time, have a great Summer and stay safe and healthy.

ORCSA Secretary