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A note from President Andy, Spring 2013

Greetings everyone! Equine Affaire was effected this year by two sad events. First Loren Damschroder, one of our founding members, passed away. Then Mary Meyers also lost her father on Saturday morning. Tim was still trying to see if he could make arrangements to come himself with fewer horses, as he felt obligated to show. We talked it over and said family comes before a show, and that there is always next year. We had a good showing with those who could still make it. Todd and Emily had three Shire mares and two stud colts, Lauren Smyth had her Shire mare Daisy who ended up in the Club Stall all week since her stall was leaking so much. Kat and Bill had two big Clydesdale geldings, Jennifer Hemphill had her Clyde cross gelding, and Dan Hubble had a Shire mare. Karia Stoner manned the Shire stall all week and I believe it was Sharka who had her Shire mare in that stall for a few days. I left my notes at home so I am sorry I forget the name of the last family who also had a shire mare next to Todd. There were several smaller spotlights, and one big demo for the Shires, and two spotlights and the demo for the Clydes. Kat chose to wear a headset while riding and starter1 the demo by letting the crowd know that Tim and Mary could not attend due to their loss, and they clapped to let us know they understood. Al and Maria were there two days, Lynn, and Mary, Dixie, and Dick and Jan Forthoffer and their daughter were there as well. It was cold, rainy, windy, leaky stalls, smaller crowds, but all in all it was still fun. Daisy enjoyed her job as ambassador and hopefully we will see you all again next year. Take care, Andy K.

4-19-13-- I talked with Brenda this morning and she extended a "thank you" to ORCSA for the flower arrangement that we sent for Loren-said the flowers were beautiful and appreciated recieving them.