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Spring 2013

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

Aw - I think, ole Man Winter is finally done with us this year - what a long drawn out winter it has been. By now, hopefully, some of you are enjoying your 2013 Clydesdale and Shire babies. I'd like to wish you all the best with these precious foals and hope they will grow into great draft horses in a couple of years. I want to let you all know that Loren Damschroder has passed away on April 10. Norm and I have known Loren for at least 20 some years and have so much respect and love for having the pleasure of knowing him. As Norm says, Loren was always a "straight shooter" and we treasured our friendship with both Loren and Brenda. Take a minute to call Brenda or send her a note; I am sure she will appreciate your kind words. Loren was one of the "original" founders of this organization and had been active for all the years since its inception. We will all miss him and extend our deepest sympathies to Brenda and the family. By the time you receive this newsletter, the 2013 Equine Affaire will be history, and I'd like to say "thank you" to those who helped ORCSA with the stall/display and the Breed Demo. Equine Affaire is one of the main events for us that we have an opportunity to promote, meet, and educate the general horsy public to the merits and pleasures of owning and working with these 2 draft horse breeds. It takes work and commitment to make this event a success for ORCSA. Again, thanks to you, who gave their time and energy to make it a success.

The end of April brings the National Clydesdale Sale and Convention, which is held in Howe, Indiana. This is another opportunity to visit and talk with fellow Clydesdale owners. This will be the 2nd year that it is being held there and is also open to other draft horse breeds to have their horses go through the auction. Last year's sale had some Shires, Belgians, and Percherons go through the auction. A reminder to any of our young folks, who'd like to represent us this year as our 2013 ORCSA Youth Representative, please send in an application and photo to me, so we can meet you and vote for our Rep at our Summer Picnic/General Membership get -together. I have received an application from Lauren Smyth, a new member from last year, but it would be nice to have others apply too. Thank you Lauren.

This year's Summer Picnic/General Membership Meeting will be hosted by Jennifer Adkins and her family. The date is June 1, 2013, starting at noon. Please bring your "stuff for our Chinese Auction, a covered dish to share, your own drinks and your appetites. Jennifer is planning a field day, weather permitting, or a clinic on an interesting horse subject, so plan to attend. I have enclosed a map with directions and phone number for Jennifer.

Norm and I have sold our farm and will be building a new home and barn at our Vermilion River lot, which is located north ofWakeman, Ohio. This lot is located on my family farm, so I guess I am going back to my roots and taking Norm along too!! We plan to take our 3 Clydes with us and hope to have more time now to enjoy them and actually "retire". It is with mixed feelings that we will be leaving our farm, since we have lived here for 34 years, and it is so much a part of us. We have lots of blood, sweat and tears invested in this farm, as we made it what it is today. Lots of happy memories, good times and also some sad times too - but that is all part of living our lives, I suppose. We are looking forward to the new place and hope we both will have lots more good years to enjoy it too.

I am also now letting the membership know that I will not be seeking re-election as your secretary at the end of this year. I will help, as best I can, with who ever seeks to run for this position - so you won't be left in the dark to figure things out. It has been a pleasure and a few frustrations over the many years that I have held this position. I have always wanted the membership to be more involved and active, and to some extent, this has happened, but, it still seems to be the same folks who "step to the plate". Thank you to those who keep this organization going, and my wish is that more people will want to make this a great group and stay members and help to make it grow in the future.

I have enclosed the Youth Representative Forms and guidelines, plus a couple of interesting articles to read.

Hope to see you all at the Picnic - it is always a fun time for us. Take care and please be thinking about what we can do for our Fall Outing. We're always looking for a neat place to visit and be together for a few hours.

Late News Flash:

A big "Thank you" for helping with Equine Affaire this year to Maria & Al Sidell, Lynn & Mary Muller, Karin Schamber, Lauren Smyth, Todd Ridel & Emily Cullison, Kat Wiegand & Bill Roy, Andy Kavalauskas & Daryl Jone, Karia Stoner, Dixie Golliday, Jennifer Hemphill, Dan Hubbell, and Rich & Jan Forthofer.

Also, I'd like to extend our deepest sympathy to Mary and Tim Myers for the passing of Mary's father during Equine Affaire. It is always so hard to loss our parents, as they are always our "safe haven", no matter what.