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A note from President Andy, Spring 2012

Anita, here is my review of E A. Hope you are feeling better this week. Any chance of making it to the Sale? Don't know who we would eat with if you don't make it! Take care, Andy K.

Hello everyone! Equine Affaire 2012 was another raving success for ORCSA. It was a wonderful site to see at least nine stalls in a row full of Clydes and Shires. The ASHA stall had several horses throughout the weekend. Mike Maggard had one of Doc Hurt's young mares and gave us the sad news that Doc will be selling out and moving to Florida. Lynn and Mary had Danny as the ambassador for ORCSA all week long and he did the club proud. He never tired of sticking his head out and greeting all the visitors hour after hour. He would occasionally take a bite of hay or a sip of water, other than that it was on full alert to inspect every horse passing by or to check young children's bags for treats. Todd and Emily had three mares and two foals that were also being looked at all the time as well. There was a Clyde cross (and I am sorry I can't remember her name), but the girl rode her in rodeo drill teams. As; if a draft isn't tall enough, she looked great riding while standing in the saddle. Our new members, Kat and Bill had a great riding, and an in hand horse. The first two days they had some open spotlight slots so they asked the Clyde / Shires to fill these times. Todd drove two mare with foals at the side and everyone else fell in with carts, buggies, under saddle and in hand horses. Several other Shires that were not members and were on the isle behind us were include in the spotlights as well. They all looked great and the crowds loved them. A note to remember is there were no Belgians or Percherons at all in the shows. I sort of messed up the first demo while helping Lynn and Mary. I wasn't watching the time and noticed everyone else was gone, except them. So I jumped in to help and we got Mary hooked and she went on her way. Lynn started to drive Jacob out of the stall and I put my hand on the side of His head to lead him out the door. He flung his head and somehow the curb chain hook ripped right into my finger and tore it open. (I was still stuck to the hook, and had to ease it back out). So I told Lynn he was on his own. I went to the restroom to was it out and realized it would take way more than a band-aid. I found long lost Steve Swander to drive me to the hospital. 3 ? hours and 14 stitches later I was back at the barn and then on my way home for the night. The second spotlight went without a flaw as I stayed out of the way. Everyone looked wonderful. Saturday was the Shire demo and they had Todd driving the mares and foals with several other riders and in hand horse. Sunday was the Clyde demo and we had a great turnout. We had Kat, Alissa and one other girl all riding, Bill with an in hand, Lynn with a cart, Mary with a buggy, and Tim and Mary with a six up hitch. Tim gave the full bore get out of my way exhibition thrill ride show. An expert judge might have figured out it was their first time hitched this year and there was no holding back. But there were no judges present and the crowd loved it. Al and Maria were there to help Sunday and Tim and Mary had the "girl power crew" to help them, and I just had to stay out of the way. (I hated not being able to help). After the demo everyone hung out on the walkway to answer questions and have many pictures taken. We all missed Norm and Anita (who was recovering from surgery). Dixie was also still recovering so she couldn't make it again either. I hope all the rest of you folks had a good reason for not being there, as you missed one great show. We all had a wonderful time and I sure hope we can all do it again next year, (well we can leave out the trip to the hospital). One more GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who gave of their precious time and effort to make this our best Equine Affaire showing ever! Have a great day, Andy K.