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Spring 2011

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

Spring is here - finally - what a long hard winter it has been. I'm sure you are just as ready for better weather as I am - actually, as I'm aging now, I pretty much had become a houseplant and enjoyed looking out the window and not physically having to had to deal with it all! I have fond (?) memories, before retiring, of "white knockling it" to work and back in those winter months. Don't miss that anymore.

By now, some of you probably have foals on the ground or else, are anxiously waiting for them to arrive. They are pure pleasure to watch, as them experiment and explore life, those first few weeks of their lives. They grow so quickly and learn - good and bad things - even quicker. But - aw - they're so cute and loveable. I miss those little foals, since we haven't had any now for 4 years or so. We both would be a little rusty at our birthing routine, if we had foals now, but I'm sure it would all come back, really fast!

I just have a few things to go over in this newsletter, so I'd better get with it. We had a very nice time at Dixie and Dwaine Golliday's at our March 6 get-together. Their farrier, Mark Lucas, now a "new" honorary member, gave a great talk on founder. He is an expert on this and gave us a lot of insight into the why, how and what can be done, once a horse founders. Thank you Dixie, Dwaine, Doug and Mark for making that day special.

Equine Affaire 2011 will soon be a memory and a "big thank you" to all the members who gave of their time, money and efforts to make our display and stall worthwhile. A special thanks to Tim and Mary Myers for bring their 6-up hitch for the breed demo and their horse for the display stall. Also thanks to Lynn and Mary Muller for bringing their gelding, Danny, for the stall too. Hopefully, Gollidays' will have a horse there too for the demo also.

Our Annual Picnic and General Membership Meeting will be at Mark Main's place on Sunday May 15 starting at Noon. I'll have a map and directions in this newsletter. Also, please bring a dish or two to share, your own drinks and don't forget items for the Chinese Auction. These items don't have to be horse related, so be creative and help us make some extra money for our organization. The tickets can be purchased at the picnic. After our lunch and during our meeting, we will be selecting our 2011 Youth Representative, so please consider your kids, grandkids or young farm help, who might be a good candidate for this job. The application can be printed off our web site - or contact me or Angie Borck, our Rep. contact. (Cell phone: 419-466-9665). We will have quite a few agenda items to cover at this meeting, so I hope we have a nice turn out of members for this picnic. I hear that Mark is planning variety of meats on the menu - for us to enjoy - so bring your appetites and have some fun.

We would like to plan another Fall outing - any suggestions are most welcome.

I have enclosed the listings of our membership...some are not current, so if there are any changes or errors, please let me know, so I can update our records. President Andy and Daryl are still looking for photos of our membership doing "their thing" with their horses. They would like to update our display board with neat photos. So if you have some that you'd like to share, please contact Andy or Daryl.

Our next General Membership Meeting after the picnic meeting will be held during the Ohio State Fair at the Fair Grounds in August.

I am enclosing a separate sheet in this newsletter that I'd like you to take a few minutes to look at and give me some suggestions or ideas, then return it to me. We want this organization to be the best it can be and need your input to help make this possible. Please help me with this, OK?

Well, hopefully, we'll see each other at the Annual Picnic in May. Stay healthy and happy, and I'll talk to you later.