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A few letters from the Vice President - Spring 2010

ORCSA Members

Dear members, I would like to thank all members who came to the March meeting. Thanks to Kory, Sandy and Janet Weldy for hosting it. Now the list of who came:

1. Lynn, Mary and William Muller

2. Tim and Mary Myers

3. Kory, Sandy and Janet Weldy

4. Daryl Jones and Andy Kavalauskas

5. Steve Swander

Total# 11 Members

We had good food, friends and family and even better stories. We had a good day, talked about ideas for up coming events and Tim Myers unveiled the new banner. Every one liked it and was looking forward to seeing it at the Equine Affaire.

We are looking for ideas for the spring picnic at Myron and Eleanor Knapp in Rochester, Ohio.

Can't wait to see you at the Spring Picnic!

Thanks Everyone.

Lynn Muller

P.S. Show Up and Have Some Fun

Attention ORCSA Members

I would like to thank the members and our guest, who took part in the 2010 Equine Affaire. We, the Muller's, and our special guest, Matt Sokolow, had a great time . We have so many people to thank, so here we go. We always start with the Norm and Anita Guiher, for the use of their trailer, and their horses for the stall and the breed demo. The Guihers and Jennifer Adkins hauled our cart to and from the show. Andy Kavalauskas and Daryl Jones for putting the ORSCA stall together, plus a lot of their own money for it to make it look good.

Maria Sidell put the Breed demo together. Mark Main paid for the show stall and made a special trip in for our Youth Rep. I'm sorry we did not communicate enough to get him in the show, but it will not be forgotten for his effort, and it was greatly appreciated. Todd Riedel and Emily for taking the time to give us a refresher class in dressing up "Danny". William Muller and Matt Sokolow for loading and unloading the trailer, and they also acted as our Youth Reps. They took "Dixie" in the arena "in hand" so we'd have two people with her. Tim Myers had gotten the banner for in the back of the show stall.

We also thank everyone who has helped us over time and showed us the way to do all work and have a lot of fun .

We the Muller's Thank You for Everything!!

ORCSA Members

This is a talk about the Equine Affaire 2010. I would like to thank everyone who took part in coming as we had a good turn out and show. This is a list of members who came:

1. Club Pres. Al Sidell and Maria Sidell

2. Club Vice Pres. Lynn Muller and Mary Muller

3. Club Secretary Anita Guiher and Norm Guiher

4. Club Trustee Andy Kavalauskas and Daryl Jones

5. Club Shire Trustee Todd Riedel and Emily Cullison

6. Club Clyde. Trustee Tim Myers and Mary Myers

7. Club Youth Reps. William Muller and Matt Sokolow

8. Lori Gallatin and Bill Foos

9. Jennifer Adkins, her cousins and Darcy Edwards

10. Alyssa Myers

11. Mark Main

12. Dick and Jan Forthofer

13. Steve Swander

14. Angie and Sam Borck

Club turn out Total: 23

I thought it was a good show but I had a few complaints so I brought them to the show personnel. And if we have any others, tell me and I can contact them to make them heard.

1 . Manure pits over flowing.

2. Bathrooms were filthy.

3. Wash racks were filled with crap and stopped up.

4. Parking out back blocked everyone getting out to show.

5. The route to get to the coliseum for everyone needs to be changed.

My positive compliments about the show and would also like to here some remarks from our group .

1. Bedding for horses was easy to get.

2. Show reps were easy to contact and work with to get changes made.

3. A place to do a "meet and greet" was a great idea. Next year we need to do more there .

4. Also we helped with Trail Light Farms (Riedels) do a breed spot light for the Shires, and maybe we could do a group or a Clydesdale spot light in the pavilion.

If any members would like to add to this list please, e-mail me, as I'm working with show managers to help make this a better show for us, who pay for it.

Thank You for your help.
Lynn Muller
340 Inwood Blvd
Avon Lake Ohio 44012