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Spring 2010

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hi Everyone,

I'm writing this on April 16 and Spring has Sprung - but winter is trying to hang on. What a roller coaster this is, with temperatures ranging from the 80's to low 40's about every other day. But I know it will straighten out soon and the temperatures will be more consistent.

For those members who have a breeding program going, I hope your foaling season is going smoothly and for those who own stallions and mares to breed, I hope the mares settle quickly and carry the foals to term for next year. Foaling is such an exciting time, which brings lots of sleepless nights, anxieties, frustrations and with good luck, rewarding times, watching the miracle of life unfolding. For those bad times, when nothing goes right and you feel helpless, keep looking forward and remember those good times and next year will be better. I know those joys, but I also know the losses and pains.

We are planning an Executive Board meeting on May 23, so if you have any thing you'd like the board to discuss or look over, feel free to contact any of the Board members with your concerns.

Our annual Summer Picnic is Sunday, June 6, with Noon being our time to "chow down" - which we really are good at doing! This year's picnic is hosted by Myron and Eleanor Knapp, who live in Rochester, Ohio. They reside at 139 Griggs Road West, just west off State Route 511. I'll have a map included in this newsletter. Please bring lawn chairs, a covered dish to share, your appetite and Chinese Auction items for our fund raising auction. These items do not have to be "horsey related".

Also, at the picnic, we will select our 2010 Youth Representative. We would like to have a few nominees for this. Angie Borck is our Chairperson for this, so if you have a family member or farm/horse helper, who'd like to represent Ohio and our Shires and Clydesdales, check our web site for the guidelines and application form. I did put the forms in the last newsletter, but is you can't find them or don't have access to our web site, let me know and I'll send you the papers. Send them to Angie so she will have the nominations for our vote at the picnic. We furnish the tiara and sash for the gals or cowboy hat and our embroidered logo for a shirt for the guys. We'd like to have the nominees at the picnic so we can meet and talk to our perspective Representative.

Since my last newsletter, some of our members participated at our Spring get-together in March held in Grove City and hosted by the Weldys and the Equine Affaire in April in Columbus. Vice President Lynn Muller will report on these activities in this newsletter, but I'd like to say "thank you" to ALL of you who helped make these events successful. Our stall and booth display at the Equine Affaire really looked nice. We would like to see more involvement by more members, as time goes on. This is your organization that represents your breeds, so consider becoming active and enjoy the friendships that form from helping each other with our activities. We need your help to make this the BEST state association representing the Shire and Clydesdales.

By the time this newsletter gets out, our 2010 National Clydesdale Sale will be history, and some of you will have sold horses or bought horses. I hope you did have a great time. It's always fun to go to Springfield, Illinois, meet up with old friends or make new friends and enjoy looking at a "bunch" of Clydes - all in one place!

Brenda Damschroder, our Treasurer, is having surgery again to help relieve the discomfort she'd been experiencing since the last surgery on her leg. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and maybe send her a card , if you find a minute or two. I'm sure she'll enjoy hearing from you.

Well - 'til we meet again - at our Picnic in June - be healthy, happy and take care.



*Brandon, our webmaster is improving and adding more to the site, so check it out now and then. We think it's pretty good!

** Here's a neat quote that I got off a web site for the Canadian Clydesdale Drill Team; "You haven't had a ride until you ride a Clyde" How cool is that?