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Winter 2009

Jill Dodds, Secretary
12820 Darrow Rd.
Vermilion, Ohio 44089
Home Phone: 440-967-9406
Cell Phone: 440-309-6179

Hello to all our Members,

What a wet spring it has been and such a late start to the growing season. Hope everyone has been able to work their horses for the up coming show season between the rain drops. Enclosed is the feu-schedule for the up coming season, and I hope that even though the economy has been rough we will be able to make some strong showings. I attended Lorain for the first time last year and was the only Clydesdale there. I sure could use some company. Congratulations to everyone that has new additions or up coming additions to their forms. Hopefully we can put some of the enclosed studs to work for next years round of babies.

The Equine Affair was a big success again mis year. We owe Maria a big thanks for putting it all together. To everyone who invested their time, horses, and finances THANK YOU. My kids and I were there on Fri. to help and it was nice to see all the public appreciation for the breed we love so I know your efforts were worth it. The new brochure that Steve made with updated pictures looks outstanding, he was able to use all the submitted photos to show the great versatility of the breed. I hope everyone will get a chance to see it. Big thanks to you Steve!!!!

We haven't received any nominations for the Youth Rep. yet. We will need to vote on this at the summer picnic, so please get those nominations in soon. Remember it can be a boy or a girl, so everyone pick your brains. If you need a new form let me know, or contact Sandy Weldy at 614-877-1212.

Our summer picnic will be Sunday June 28* at lpm.Thank you in advance to Tim and Mary Myers for hosting the summer picnic. I know it will be a distance for some of you to travel, but it's a great opportunity for everyone to get together. Also lots of great FOOD! Map and directions are enclosed. That same weekend on Sat. June 27th is the Scottish Games in Wellington where we will have a breed display again, and they have also opened up a riding arena for demonstrations. Anyone that can help out will be greatly appreciated since this is the first year we have been able to do a demonstration. I hope to be able to show off what our amazing horses are capable of. I'd like to thank Anita Guiher for her help in being the point of contact with the Scottish Games committee. Please contact me for additional info..

I know at some point some of us have had to deal with scratches and after some trial and error and a lot of reading I have found something that works for me and would like to share it. For some reason my horse is over sensitive to the mite that seems to be the cause of the scratches and was breaking out on the entire lower half of his body, so needless to say the Frontline treatment recommended by the vet was getting very expense. In my reading I found that our large breed horses often do not get enough amino acid in their diet which helps boost immunity, so I placed Doc on a Lysine supplement. It's recommended to also add Vitamin C for metabolism of the Lysine but I am getting results without having to do that. If your horse is currently in an active state you may need to do some loading doses of the lysine. Along with this I came across a nontoxic and less expensive treatment for dog mange which is also caused by a mite. The topical solution goes as follows:

2 Cups 3% Peroxide
4 cups of warm water
8 TBSP Borax laundry soap

There is an ingredient in the Borax that dries up both the adult mites and any eggs that they have laid and the Peroxide helps to get rid of me dead skin that the mites feed on. I found that if I first wet my horse down the Borax solution absorbs into the hair better. Once applied you leave on and let air dry. I started the first two weeks soaking him down every two to three days and have now gone weekly. I have had great success with this over the last four months. Another bonus is their feathers get nice and clean! I hope this may help someone else.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the picnic.

Jill Dodds