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2009 Equine Affaire

2009 Equine Affaire

The Equine Affaire was a success once again! The week started out a little cold, but boy was the weekend great! I want to start out by thanking a few people that made this all possible!

Andy K. and Daryl went Wednesday and decorated the stall and it looked GREAT! Also one of our newest feather enthusiasts Steve Swander took the time to make up a new brochure, and they looked really good. Thanks Steve!

In the ORSCA booth we had some excellent representatives of our feathered breed. Jennifer brought Bell from the Guiher's farm and the Muller family brought their gelding Danny and the Hubble family brought their mare Maggie. Everyone did a great job showing off their horses and supporting our organization. I know its not always easy keeping them so clean this time of year!

Sunday was the Clydesdale and Shire breed demo, and their was some great horses and families. I was handling the Clydesdale demo and I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated. I think it all went well and there was a lot of interest after the demonstration. Alysa Myers rode in an 1800s costume, Taylor Jackson rode English and Jeff Hubble showed in hand. The Muller's and Jennifer Atkins showed in their carts. Mark Main and June Jackson brought a team and the Myers' brought a four. What a great group to show our versatility!!

There were others there manning the booth and maybe I missed you because I couldn't stop watching the Extreme Cowboy Race! I hope I didn't miss anyone and if I did I am so sorry! Hope to see everyone at the picnic this spring at Tun & Mary's and if we don't see you there hopefully at the Ohio State Fair.

Maria Sidell


Hi JiB,

Here are my thoughts on last week's National Clydesdale Sale.

It was like no other sale, that Norm or I can remember, that is for sure. Great American Clydesdales's Dispersal Sale and Tack Auction pretty much dominated the whole event, and I feel it kind of distracted from what we were all there for - to sell and buy Clydesdales. There was way too much stuff to deal with from Great American and it delayed and hampered our sale, in my opinion. As for the results, there appeared to be an awful lot of "no sales", not just in the beginning of the sale but throughout the entire auction. If the sellers didn't "no sale", there were a tot of deals to purchase, if you were a buyer. On the other hand, if you were a seller and didn't have a few of the top sellers, you were giving your horses away. It just doesn't pay to breed, raise and then sell them for what some of flie horses went for....unless you just love doing all that! So, it wHI be interesting to see how the National says the sale went versus what some of the members had to be thinking it went afterwards.

Anita Guiher