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Spring 2006 Issue

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

As I'm sitting down to put this newsletter together in early March, I am watching our foaling stall through the camera on our monitor in our house. I am looking at a very pregnant and uncomfortable "mama" Clydesdale. She is due soon and, hopefully by the time I get this out to you, she will have foaled and everything will be ok. This camera setup in the stall has been one of our more intelligent investments, and we highly recommend one if you are breeding and foaling at your place! So with that bit of advertizement, I want to wish everyone a great foaling season with happy and healthy babies.

The items I will touch on in this newsletter include our February 18 "Spring Fling" get together membership meeting and the minutes of that meeting. We will be participating, as a group, in the 2006 Equine Affaire in Columbus and plan to take Clydes and Shires for the display stall and also have them in the Breed Demos. We'll probably give a report on this event at our Summer Picnic Meeting, which is May 21, starting at Noon at Sam and Angie Borck's home, located near Delta, Ohio. I will have a map and directions also in this newsletter.

So......why don't you plan to come and join your organization for a great day filled with friendship, laughs, our Chinese Auction and, of course, our great and nationally famous Pot Luck lunch! Bring items for our Chinese Auction, a covered dish to share for our noon meal. Plus what ever you want to drink and bring friends and family who are thinking of joining or looking for horses. ORCSA will furnish the meat and paper products.

We will be voting on our 2006 Youth Representative at the Summer Picnic meeting, so if you have some one in your family or who works for you and who'd like to be our Representative, I've included the forms and guidelines. These forms are also on our web site:

Also in this newsletter is a listing of all the County Fairs and dates, plus other important show dates for the year. This will also be on our web site. Which now brings me to a reminding you to think about taking some time to put your name and farm on our web site. It is a Service for You to use for Your advantage. For those of you who are on the site, if you need or want to change anything, please email to Brandon Knapp or call or write to Brandon to let him know what you want to do. Brandon's email is:, Phone: 440-647-2808, Home address: Brandon Knapp, Webmaster, 24624 Gore-Orphanage Rd. New London, OH 44851. It would be great if more of our members got on the site to increase the interest on this site. The form for this service is also on this website for your convenience.

For anyone looking for stallions to breed your mares with, refer to our Winter issue for names of some our folks who have stallions and who are taking outside mares for this breeding season.

Theresa Hall Shively has been our "relentless" chairperson of our Trophy Committee. She'll have a report at our picnic meeting on the status of the trophies for this year's Ohio State Fair. If you'd like to sponsor a class or know a business who'd like to help us out in this department, let me know or Theresa. The Sponsorship cost this year is $30.00. Theresa's phone number: 740-924-7445 and her email address: tshively(g)

As time goes on, we have gained some new members and, we have lost some members, for whatever reasons. We'd love to have those that have slipped away to come back and help us keep this organization going strong. We feel we have made progress and growth over the past few years, but naturally, we want to continue to be better and attract more folks to be a part of us. So talk to those members who use to be a part of us and talk to new potential members and encourage them to come to our Summer picnic with you, so that they can see what we are about and enjoy chatting with people who have a lot in common - those beautiful white feathers - those beautiful Shires and Clydesdales!!

See you all in May -I hope!