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A letter from the President - October 2007


Before I get into that, I would like to thank Norm & Anita Guiher and their crew for all the hard work they put into the fall outing at their farm. The activities included a guest speaker Doug Southerland a Equine Nutritionist from Kolmbach Feeds in Upper Sandusky. Mr. Southerland is a very knowledgeable and interesting speaker, answered a lot of questions and was a big help to people with their own horse feed needs.

Next on the agenda was a FUN SHOW, and that it was, we had more fun with 1/2 a dozen classes than we have at some fairs with 20 classes!

You ask "What's next?" it's time to EAT, a delicious meal of beef stew made in an iron kettle over an open fire, this plus all the extras, a whole lot more than I could eat.

And no the activities have not ended yet. After supper the Tracy and Velma Haynes family entertained us with their musical talents and Bluegrass. All day the weather was great! Those that wanted enjoyed the wooded trails, with most of them being wide enough to drive your horse. Oh what a fun filled beautiful day to spend with family and friends!

Down to the point, out of a 40 plus membership club, there were only 5 Families that took time out of their busy lives to enjoy this event. Come on people, if you are not willing to put time and effort into the association, you won't get anything out of it either! What more could you ask for? If the shoe fits wear it.

Al Sidell