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A message from the President -Mid Winter 2011

I would like to start off by saying I hope everyone had a safe, wonderful, and enjoyable Christmas Season. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year. I hope you all pray for Brenda through her next round of medical battles, (and anyone else I may not know about). I want to thank Al Sidell for all of his hard work over the last several years as the outgoing president. I will have big shoes to fill. I also welcome Steve Swander as he takes over the remainder of my old term on the Board of Directors. I thank all the remaining officers for the dedication and hard work that they continue to put into this organization of OURS! Welcome back to all of our renewing members. I hope that this year allows us to find a little more time to renew some old friendships, and to start some new ones at some of our events. I know we have some members that have not been able to join us in the past due to our busy lives. I hope everyone can find the time to make it to as many functions as possible. We all want to meet every member, as we are quite a sociable bunch. I believe every member here is more than willing to jump in with both feet to help any new member at a show who is in a bind. If you are just starting to drive and are too nervous to practice alone, please call one of us and I am sure somebody could come help you.

I hope that we have a successful Equine Affaire and I strongly encourage everyone to show up for at least one day. You cannot see it all in just a day, but any time there is fun. We can never have too many people or horses there, so please seriously consider participating this year. Please call any officer with any questions, concerns, or innovative ideas so we can continue to grow as a group. Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you this coming year!

Your pal,

Andy Kavalauskas

home phone 937-233-7457 (after 8:OOPM)

cell 937-313-6247 (anytime)

Work937-656-1868 07:00 to 15:30