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Mid Winter 2011

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

As I write this newsletter, we are into the year 2011 - wonder what it will bring for us, individually, locally, nationally and worldwide? Seems as though the unrests and turmoil that we are witnessing each cay, leaves questions and concerns as to what's next. I hope and pray that we, as a country, can be spared and sheltered from some of the uncertainties and calamities. I guess the older I'm getting, the more aware I am of wanting peace and tranquility in my life and for those I know & care about. Which brings me to YOU - I truly care about your organization and keep plugging it to all of you through these newsletter - hoping to get you involved, getting you to know our fellow members and be an active part of what ORCSA is - which is to promote our feathered draft horse breeds and educate the public about their wonderful attributes and pleasures that they can bring to all kinds of folks. I'd like to see more of you be an active part of all this through some of our planned activities during the year. This year we have our Spring Fling and General Membership Meeting to be held at Dixie and Duane Golliday's farm on March 6, 2011 ( March 13 is a weather backup date). I will have more information on this in the newsletter, too. Also, we are planning to be a part of The Equine Affaire again at the Ohio State Fair Grounds in Columbus on April 7-10, 2011. We need YOUR HELP with this by volunteering to "man" our display booth for a couple hour shifts on those dates. We are planning to participate in the Breed Demo on that Sunday, so we need you help with this too. Maria Sidell (ph: 419-680-9180) will oversee this along with Mary and Tim Myers (ph: 419-355-4230) plus some of our officers and members. There will be more on this in the minutes of our last General Membership Meeting from Dec. 2010. Later in this year, date to be announced, we are planning our annual Summer Picnic and Meeting, hosted by Mark Main at his place. We will have a Fall outing, but haven't finalized anything on this yet. As the year goes on, other activities can be announced and hopefully, our members will and can step up to be a part of whatever we get going. In June of each year, The Ohio Scottish Games are held in Wellington, Ohio at the Lorain County Fair Grounds and the Clydesdale horses have been a part of this gathering for years. They are on display and have also done a demonstration in the past. We'd love to expand this participation with more horses and involvement. Please consider being a part of this weekend event - it is unbelievable what goes on during these games.

Enough of my pleading and lecturing, please keep our Treasurer, Brenda Damschroder in your thoughts and prayers, as she deals with some health matters this year. I've know Brenda and Loren for quite a few years and they both are remarkable people, who know how to endure what life throws at them. God bless you both.

Also, here's a reminder to get your dues renewed and Ohio State Fair Trophy Sponsorships in to Brenda, your Stallion Reports to me and your Youth Representative Applications to Angie Borck. I had put all these forms in the December, 2010 Newsletter, so please dig them out and get them in the mail. These forms are also on our website - too. Would you take a minute or two to send in a link to advertize you and your horses and farms? Brandon, our webmaster is patiently waiting and willing to help you with this. This is a great way to get your information out nationally and internationally, since we have our ad in "The Draft Horse Journal" with our website in the ad too. You could benefit from this down the road - you never know!

Well, enough has been said, I guess, so I'll sign off for now - TAKE CARE.


PS-Happy and Healthy Foaling to those who are awaiting baby Shires and Clydesdales.

PSS - We have a great Trailer Logo Decal and Bumper Stickers to show off that you are a members of ORCSA - Tim Myers is our contact on these.

PSSS- Also, we have sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Caps with our logo for sale - contact me for info on these.

PSSSS - If you have something to sell, trade or want, I can put it on the website and in the newsletters - it's FREE, let me know what you have.

PSSSSS - Remember - You haven't had a ride until you Ride a Shire or Clyde! !