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Winter 2008

Angie Borck
c/o Storm Ridge Farm
11393 County Road 5
Delta, Ohio 43515
cell number: 419-466-9665
fax number: 419-825-1912
home number 419-825-1208
Sam's cell: 419-466-0485


Welcome Spring! I hope everyone is doing great and looking forward to the rest of 2008! Things here at Storm Ridge Farm are going well. I think we are finally ready to start the show season!

Now to the business at hand, we have date for the SUMMER PICNIC to be held at Al and Maria Sidell's in Fremont, Ohio on June 7, 2008, we will be eating at 1:00 PM. At the summer picnic, we will be voting on our Youth Representative and will have our Annual Chinese Auction (SO MUCH FUN!!) Please bring your items (horse related, or otherwise, etc) for the Chinese Auction; it is always the highlight of the event, and great way to add money to our "kitty". There are more details on the next few pages of the newsletter, hope to see everyone there!

We are looking for a location for our Fall Outing, anyone have any ideas?

"Equine Affaire" went really well, THANK YOU to Maria Sidell and our members who volunteered, for all the organization and effort they put into the four days. What a great way to represent our feathered breeds!

Several members attended the National Clydesdale Sale in Madison, WI in April. The sale was very interesting- the first day, the geldings were sold, at my estimate, at a 50% "no sale", because they did not bring enough money. Stallions and mares went the second day, and prices were high, and fewer "no sales". It was interesting because of the varied prices and the dynamics of the sale. But very encouraging, even with the economy, being so volatile right now.

I have included the updated membership list, please keep in mind if your information changes to get that to me as soon as possible, email, addresses, etc. I try to keep a current email list, if you have not received an email from me I do not have a current email address for you...please check the list below and email me with your current information. If your name does not appear on this list, your dues are not paid for 2008, and this will be your final newsletter. Please send you dues to Brenda Damschroder, our treasurer. Her address is on the list.

I have a short and sweet newsletter this time, without a Spring Meeting there are no minutes to report. Brenda Damschroder did renew our Draft Horse Journal ad.

See you all June 7!

Angie Borck