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Hello everyone,

It’s Spring time in OHIO, so why is the weather so like Fall? But, I’m sure we will soon find ourselves in the heat of Summer! I hope you folks, who have bred Clydesdale and Shire mares, are having a successful foaling season and that you are enjoying your little babies.

As your acting Secretary, I’d like to let you know a little about me. I am married to Norm Guiher, and we live in Berlin Heights, OH, a small rural community close to the shores of Lake Erie. We have had Clydesdales on our farm since 1987 and presently have 8 Clydes with a foal due as I am writing this! We have been involved in all aspects of owning these drafts including breeding and selling, showing up to a six horse hitch of geldings, parading at various festivals and the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee, carriage drives, wagon rides and foaling out our mares and some outside mares.

I am retired from my career as an air traffic controller now and presently help Norm manage our boarding stables and help with the care and running of our farm. It seems like we both are working more now than even when we both worked off the farm but we do enjoy and find great satisfaction in our lives on this farm. I look forward to the challenge of this position of Secretary, and I hope we can continue to attract more members and have a strong, supportive and friendly fellowship of Shire and Clydesdale owners for years to come. We have lots of work to do but will have lots of fun times ahead, and I look forward to meeting and getting to know more our members as time goes on.

We had a general membership meeting on April 18, 2004 at Dave and Diana Long’s Longdale Farm in Springfield, OH, at which we had in attendance of 20 members. The Board has proposed some changes to our By-Laws. The changes are to enable this organization to work more efficiently without restricting the basics of this organization. Enclosed in this newsletter are the proposed changes plus a ballot for the members to vote on and return. These changes must be put to a vote by mail and requires a 2/3 majority vote of the membership who return their ballots. So PLEASE, take the time to review these changes and then return the Ballots by MAY 31, so that we can have the decision and By-Laws ready for the

June 13th picnic. Each single and family/farm membership will have a copy of the By-Laws handed out at the picnic or mailed, if not in attendance at the picnic.

We also have on this ballot a request to increase our dues from $13 to $18 for a single membership and $20 to $25 for a family/farm membership, starting in 2005. The dues have never been increased, as far as I can find. With the higher expenses of postage, which is one of our main expenses, it was felt that this proposed increase would help offset some of the expenses of keeping this organization going.

We also are working on a website for our group, which will be set up and managed by Brandon Knapp, Myron and Eleanor Knapp’s grandson. We will have a small ad in the "Draft Horse Journal" for ORCSA with a footnote on the bottom to go to our website for further information on " who’s who" in this organization. Each member is being asked to be a link on this site, and we’d like everyone to bring their farm information and photos for their link to our picnic for Brandon, so he can start work on the site. We know this will take some time on everyone’s part but feel this will be a real asset for us in the future issues. Brandon will talk to us about what he will be doing and how much it will cost us to keep this going. The past "Draft Horse Journal" ads have been a big expense for us, but with the ability of using a website, each member will be able to promote their own horses and farm through the links. So please give this some thought and if you can not attend the picnic, then please forward your information to me and I will make sure that Brandon receives your package of information and photos.

We are hoping to get some applications back from our young members who might be considering running for King/Queen Representative. We’d like to have these applications PRIOR to the picnic. So if you know someone who would like to be our Rep, have them fill out an application and return it to either Sandy Weldy, Chairperson of our King/Queen committee, or else to Deb Bechstein.

Sandy Weldy Deb Bechstein
7856 Harrisburg-London Rd. 12300 Cloverdale Rd.
Orient, OH 43146 Portage, OH 43451
Phone: 614-877-1212 Phone: 419-352-7237

The young person does not have to be a direct family member, but he or she can be someone who works for you also.

We will be asking at the picnic for volunteers to oversee the Hospitality Room at the Ohio State Fair on Friday, August 13. Please consider helping out if you can. More information will be covered at the picnic meeting on this.

Also we are enclosing a copy of a sponsorship for the Ohio Expo Show, which is on June 25, 26 & 27 in Hillard, OH at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. Consider sponsoring a class or volunteering to help with this show. Al Sidell is our contact for this.

We also need some more sponsors for trophies for the Ohio State Fair. Theresa Hall Shively will talk to us about this also at the picnic. Any one who sponsors a class will receive 2 gate passes and parking pass to attend the fair.

Our annual picnic is being hosted by Richard and Janice Forthofer from Portland, Indiana. I have enclosed a map and written directions for your reference. Plan to come on June 13; plan to eat at 1:00pm Ohio time or noon Indiana time. We request you to bring a covered dish or two to share. As in the past, meat, drinks and paper products will be furnished by ORCSA. Also bring your items for the Chinese Auction: this one way to earn a little money for this group. These monies will be set aside for the upkeep of our website and DI-IJ ad. The items for the auction do not have to be horse related. If you have friends or acquaintances who might consider joining our ORCSA, invite them to join us at this picnic. Hopefully, they will sign up and become new members.

Richard and Jan informed us that there are a few motels and a Dinner Theater near them, plus they offered their farm for camping, if anyone wants to come on Saturday. I have enclosed the names and phone numbers of these motels, etc. If you are planning to go early, please let Richard and Jan know. Their phone number is 1-260-335-2543.

Deadline for entries for Ohio State Fair is July 7. You can go to for more information about the fair.

Andy Kavalauskas is working on an outing for us for sometime in the Fall at Carriage Hill Farms, a historical farm near Dayton on 1000 acres. He will have more information for us at the picnic. We are planning to have a few more outings, hopefully one in July, for us. We are going to have more socially oriented activities for our membership in addition to the fairs and shows. We are encouraging our members to join in and make the most of our friendships with each other. We want an active organization and hope you will contribute by getting involved and by supporting the efforts we are attempting. Here’s an added note—Keep track of your mileage to the Forthofer’s, as Al Sidell is making a prize for the person or family who traveled the farthest. So MARK you Calenders’ for the JUNE 13th PICNIC. Also, return you ballots ASAP for the By-Laws changes and dues increase.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or mail any of the Officers or Trustees. We all are here to help make this a bigger and better organization and always look forward to your input.

Anita L. Guiher
acting Secretary ORCSA

Deb Bechstein -President
12300 Cloverdale Rd
Portage, OH 43451

Anita Guiher - acting Secretary
Norm Guiher - Trustee
9318 ST.RTE. 113E.
Berlin Heights, OH 4481

Loren Damschroder -Vice-President
Brenda Damschroder -acting Treasurer
6142 C.R. 85
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Andy Kavalauskas - Trustee
4371 Schwinn Dr.
Riverside, OH 45404

Richard Forthofer - Trustee
5570 E. 200 S.
Portland, IN 47371