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March 2014

Maureen H. Wightman Secretary ORCSA
124 Harvey Parkway
Avon Lake, OH 44012
H: 440-336-9466
C: 440-336-2666
email address:

Hello ORCSA members,

The January 18 meeting held at Deb Bechstein's was very well attended. Andy Kavalauskas called it to order and Daryl Jones seconded.

Old Business:

Draft Horse Journal bill is due in March. Daryl made a motion to pay the bill; Tim Myers seconded. It was questioned whether it is ORCSA's turn to provide the trophy for the Governor's Cup. Tim made a motion to pay for the trophy and Anita Guiher seconded. Mike Oxender suggested that ORCSA advertise in the Rural Heritage magazine because it reaches a wider audience as it is sold at TSC in addition to subscriptions. This will be kept open for further discussion.

Brenda Damschroder asked if the club wanted to continue using crystal bowls/plates as opposed to actual trophies. Wayne County Fair gives leather halters. It was suggested that nylon halters with a name plate with class and year on it would be nice. Members will be checking on Amish made halters or from Showtime. It was also suggested that the Senior (60+) Team Driver trophy be an engraved cane!!! Equine Affaire: The stall is reserved in South Creek Clydes' name and is in the same spot as last year. Horses are needed to stay in the stall. Mary Muller and Lauren Smyth expressed interest in sharing the four days needed. Andy said he would decorate the stall. He also has the supplies for the table across the aisle from the ORCSA stall. He mentioned it would be nice if anyone had the DVD from the National Show. That could be played on a laptop to peak interest. He also wondered if anyone had a wireless microphone so that the horse in the ORCSA stall could "talk" to the kids who stop by!!!

Anyone who brings horses to Equine Affaire needs a certificate of liability insurance. The Clydesdale Breed Demo is Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm. Entrants need to write up a short script with age of horse, owner, what the horse is used for, particulars on vehicle, etc., so that Tim Myers can coordinate them for the demo. There will be individual spotlights available also, which will need scripts too. It is planned to have the following for the demo: In hand; riding; cart; team/tandem; unicorn; 4; and 6. Tim said he would do the 6. Jennifer Hemphill volunteered via email to do the In hand. Anyone who is interested in the other slots should contact Tim directly at

New Business:

The ORCSA brochure needs updated. The pictures in it are mainly from calendars. Talk to Andy if you have any good pictures you would like to put in it. Ron Swartz, professional photographer, contacted Deb Bechstein about doing a calendar. She is going to contact him to see if he will be at Equine Affaire. If a calendar can be constructed, ORCSA members would sell it and the proceeds would benefit the club. Attending the meeting were: Deb Bechstein and Bill Herrig, Norm and Anita Guiher, Andy Kavalauska, Daryl Jones, Tim and Mary Myers, Mike and Cheri Oxender, Brenda Damschroder, Mary Muller, Lauren Smyth, and myself. Also attending was Steve Wisnieski, a farrier who moved to Newark, Ohio from Texas. Welcome Steve!!

Volunteers to host the Spring and Fall meetings are needed.

Norm Guiher made a motion to adjourn and Brenda seconded.

Thank you to everyone who has renewed their membership! Another form is included with this newsletter for those who have not yet renewed plus three Stallion Reports.

Congratulations to Melissa Alexander and Northeast Intrepid for winning Reserve All-North American Yearling Champion in the 2013 All-North American Shire Contest.

Respectfully submitted,