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Late Summer 2011

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

What a Summer 2011 has been- huh? Once it finally got here - it has been continuously hot, humid and sunny....days and nights have been that way too. I personally prefer 70 degrees and sunshine and cool nights. But that has not been the case too often this year. By now, everyone who exhibits has gone to a few county fairs and maybe has some State Fair experiences and the kids and grand kids are back in school.

We had an Executive Board Meeting the end of July and then our General Membership Meeting the following week at the Ohio State Fair. I've included the minutes of these meetings in this newsletter. I am also including a ballot/ballots for the election of our officers for 2012. We will vote for Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Non- Horse Owner Trustee. PLEASE take a minute now and vote and return your ballot/ballots to Daryl Jones - her address is on the ballot - by November 1, 2011 so I can notify the officers prior to the December General Membership Meeting. Also, a request for judge nominations for the 2012 Ohio State Fair will be included. If you have someone you'd like to see judge the classes, make sure they are able and willing to serve this position. Tim Myers, our Ohio State Fair advocate, will take these names to the December All Breed Draft Horse Show Advocates meeting after our General Membership meeting.

We are asking for help with our committees - please look over the list and let me know where and what you can do to be of help for this organization. I sometimes feel I'm the only one pushing for this group - I known I am not - but it sure can feel that way. We have members who are talented and capable of making this a great organization, but just don't bother to get involved - so I'm asking us make ORCSA the BEST Draft Horse Association in Ohio.

So far, we don't have a Host for our 2012 Annual Picnic/General Membership Meeting. If you think you would like to have us "invade" your place - let me or any officer know. The date and final preparations can be announced later. It is

Our Fall Outing will be at Mark Main's place on October 1 (Saturday), 2011, starting around 1:00pm. We plan to have our usual Pot Luck, with hamburgers and hot dogs being provided, around 5:00pm, and bring your own drinks. You are on your own for lunch. We will keep October 29 (Saturday) as our weather back up date. Directions and a map will be included in this newsletter. We might be able to hitch up a couple of Mark's Clydes and let folks put their hands to the lines, go for a spin around the farm, and have some fun and fellowship with our members and friends. So put this event on your Calendars and plan to attend. Any questions or concerns, email me or call info is on the letter head of this newsletter.

Don't for get if you want to advertise something for sale or are in need of something, send your ad to me and I will have it in the next newsletter or two. Also, your ad will be put on our web site. If any of your information changes in regards to your phone numbers, email address, or home address, let me know so I can keep the membership information up to date.

Talk with you later.