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Late Summer 2007

Hello to Everyone,

As the month of August is soon to come to an end, I'm sure you are all busy with getting the kids and grand kids ready for school and back into the old routine, plus continuing to show your horses at the county fairs around Ohio and surrounding states, in addition to the State Fairs. Norm and I got to see some of you perform at the Ohio State Fair a couple weeks back, and I'd like to say you all looked grand and should be proud of what you all are doing. It takes a lot of time, money, work, help and patience to do these shows - and all on a large lack of sleep, too!!

We held our general membership meeting at the Ohio State Fair on August 10 and had a good turn out for attendance. The minutes will be included in this newsletter.

We'd like to say "thank you" to our Youth Representative, Nicole Mitchell, for doing a nice job handing out ribbons and trophies at the Ohio State Fair. I'm hoping Nicole will keep a diary of all her activities involving ORCSA, as it will be nice to look it over when she completes her year as our Rep.

There will be ballots in this newsletter for the election of Officers for 2008. PLEASE take a minute to vote and return your ballots. We have close to 40 memberships now, but only receive a small number of ballots back when we have an election. For those of you with a Family membership, you will have 2 ballots, so please return both of the ballots. Those of you who have Single memberships will have one ballot to return. RETURN THE BALLOTS TO THE ADDRESS ON THE BALLOT BEFORE NOVEMBER 1.2007.

We will be having an Executive Board meeting on September 16 at l:00pm at Al and Maria Sidell's home near Gibsonburg.

Soon our 3rd Annual Fall Weekend Event will be here! It will be September 29 and 30, 2007 held at Clearview Stables - Norm and Anita Guiher's farm near Berlin Heights. Anyone wanting to camp for the weekend can come in on Friday, September 28, if you'd like. We will have some paddocks and round pens to hold horses, but can't guarantee any stalls, if you are bringing your horses. We have 2 wagons, and fore carts available for use for our wagon drive/ride. Of course, you are welcome to bring riding horses too.....they don't have to be Clydesdales and Shires only! We will have some "fun" classes and games for everyone to participate in, if you'd like. Al Sidell will bring his big campfire tri pod and kettle to cook our "ORCSA" stew, and we're hoping his mom will join us so she can make her "fried bread" -yummm. We hope to have some entertainment and maybe a clinic and or demonstration. We'll need some volunteers to help set up things, so if you can help, we'd greatly appreciate your help. Plan to bring a covered dish to share for Saturday night's cookout. We'll have our Pancake and Sausage Breakfast for Sunday morning. We plan to be flexible on our activities - depending on what Ole Mother Nature throws at us. But be ready for some fun, laughs, good times, good food and good people. Come early and leave late, if you want. ,As I am writing this - it is raining like crazy and is forecasted to do this for a couple more days this week, which is Sandusky County and Lorain County Fair Week. Sure glad Norm and I aren't showing any more - what a mess it will be at the fair grounds!

I had hoped to have the results of the Draft Horse Show from the Ohio State Fair for this newsletter, but if I don't get them in time, I will have them for the next newsletter.

I hope you continue to check our website for new items, etc - www.orcsa.corn. We do have lots of room for more "farm" links, so I am encouraging you to use our site for your benefit, as well as keeping up to date on what ORCSA is up to. Don't forget the "Carriage Hill Farm Fall Plow Days" in early September near Dayton. I had put information on this in the last newsletter.

Well, I think I am about out of information for this newsletter, so I will sign off and look forward to seeing many of you at our farm on September 29 and 30. The more the merrier!!