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ORCSA Notice

Hi everyone,

This is just a short note for all of you to let you know about a few things involving you and ORCSA.

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to cast your vote for your Officers. Since I've been your Secretary, this was the Best return of ballots - a total of 24 ballots were returned - again, thank you.

Your President elect for the next 2 years is: Al Sidell
Secretary for the next year: Anita Guiher
Treasurer for the next year: Brenda Damschroder
Shire Trustee for the next 3 years: Richard Forthofer

Congratulations to everyone!

The President and Trustee race was very close. I'd like to say "thank you" to Kory, Sharon and Pauline for running and hope you will consider running for office again.

Second item to cover: The Ohio State Fair All Draft Horse Show Meeting, will be on December 16, 2006 at 10:00am at the LaSalle Building on the Ohio State Fair Grounds. Take 17th Avenue West off 1-71 to the Fair Grounds, turn right at the first gate entry point near the buildings. The meeting will be held in the building just to the right of the ticket gate. If there is another event going on that day, tell the gate attendant that you are there for the Draft Horse Meeting; no charge to park for this meeting.

We will hold an ORCSA General Membership Meeting after the All Breed meeting. So we hope some of you will plan to come and attend these meetings. Tim Myers, our Fair Breed Representative, will have the nominations for our Fair Judges (Clyde-Shire Hitch and Clyde Halter) to present at this All Breed Meeting. If you have some one you'd like to nominate, let Tim know at: 419-332-3093 or

I'll have the next "Feather Features" Newsletter out in late December or early January with the minutes of our December meeting and also a report on the Fall Outing.

You'll find an Application for 2007 Dues, 2007 Ohio State Fair Trophy Sponsorship form and our 2007 Stallion Report form in this notice. Please take a moment to fill out these and return them - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I'd like to put the Stallion Reports in the next Newsletter, so any one planning to breed their mares can consider our Organization's members' Stallions for the next breeding season.

Check our web site, for some photos from our Fall Weekend. Hopefully, Brandon, our webmaster, will have them up and running.

'Til I write again.... "Happy Thanksgiving" and hope to see you in Columbus on December 16.

Take care now.
ORCSA Secretary