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July 2005 Issue

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

The middle of Summer is here already and time for the County Fairs and more Draft Horse Shows. Then soon the kids will be back to school again. Time sure has a knack of flying by way too quickly - unless you are a small child - then it manages to drag along too slowly!

ORCSA had its summer picnic on June 12, and for those who couldn't make, it seemed to be a success. Everyone who attended enjoyed a nice visit with each other and, of course, our potluck lunch was was suggested that we should consider going into the catering business to make extra money for our group!! A BIG Thank You to everyone who brought delicious side dishes to share. Another "thank you" to Al and Maria Sidell for being our 2005 Hosts. Our Chinese Auction was the best one yet and, I'd like to thank everyone for bringing items for it and also for participating in purchasing tickets on the auction. Our members seen to enjoy this little "tradition" each year.

Also, we would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you to Deb Bechstein for donating the beautiful embroidered hanging wall quilt featuring our breed of drafts. We sold separate raffle tickets on this quilt at the picnic and Andy Kavalauskas was the lucky winner of this quilt. I think he was definitely our "happy camper" of the day!

We are planning a Fun Event weekend for all members and their guests on September 17 and 18, 2005 at Norm and Anita Guiher's farm near Berlin Heights, Ohio. This will include a campout, fun show and wagon train drive/ride with a guarantee for lots of laughs and a good time. This will be covered later in the Membership Meeting Minutes included in this newsletter.

We have a new Youth Representative for 2005 - Emilee KayAnn Edwards, niece of Sandy and Kory Weldy. She came to our picnic and charmed us all. She has attended the Ohio Exposition Show in late June and has also gone to a couple county fairs to hand out ribbons. She is doing a great job, and I am thinking, she is having a blast along the way. If you would like to have her come to your county fair draft horse show, please contact Sandy Weldy at phone: 614-877-1212 or Emilee's Mom at phone: 614-879-9283. Emilee hopes to get to as many shows as possible to work as our Representative.

I'd like to wish everyone all the best with their horses this show season, whether you go to the county fairs and / or to some of the big shows. The Ohio State Fair dates for classes for Shires and Clydes are August 11 and 12. Check out the OSF website for info and also check out other show dates on our website - Which brings me to another item of interest. If you have not looked at our website - please do and think about using it for your farm and horses, as a way to get your name and horses out into the world of internet advertising. Brandon Knapp, our web master, is very willing to work with you on your link, so please consider putting something together, and then he will get it on the site.

As Fall draws near, we will put out directions and more info on the September 17 and 18 Fun Event, but mark your calendars now, so you can plan to attend - you don't have to spend the whole weekend with us, but we sure hope you will want to, as this will be a memorable couple of days.

Our next Executive Board meeting will be held in Columbus at the OSF at 9:00am, prior to the General Membership Meeting, which is set up for August 12 at 10:00 am.

Look forward to seeing many of you in August at the OSF and also in September at our farm for the fun weekend. If any member has something to sell, whether it's horses, tack , harness or equipment, send your ad to me and I will include it in the newsletters.

Take care now and stay cool.
ORCSA Secretary

We now have T- shirts in Red, White, Navy Blue and light Gray for sale with our ORCSA logo embroidered on them and also navy ball caps with our logo. If anyone is interested in purchasing some, let me know. The T-shirts are $15 and the caps are $10. I will bring them to the OSF in case any of our members who are showing or just visiting the fair would like to buy some. We will also have them at the Fun Event in September.

2005 Ohio Expo Results
For ORCSA members

Yearling Stallion Class

1. RicShar Farms Prince's Jelly Bean

Mare 5 yr and Older

1. Ohio Valley Shires - Dolly
2. Supreme Acres Clydesdales - Aprils Premier
3. Supreme Acres Clydesdales - Drafty Hill Royal Princess Diana
4. Tim Dyer
5. Dream Acres Farm - Annistacia Anne
6. Dream Acres Farm - Gabbreilla Gabbie
7. Ricshar Farm - Bayview Georgina
8. Ricshar Farm - RicShars Princess Bright Star

Mare 4 yr and Under 5

1. Grazing Acres Farm - Sudden Creek Oprah Mare 2 yr and Under 3
1. Muchinippi Creek Clydesdales - MCC Winters Nite Mare 1 yr and Under 2
1. Muchinippi Creek Clydesdales - MCC Lady Katherin
2. Dream Acres Farm - Dream Acres Lady Libirty

Filly Foal

1. Kimberly Forthofer - Forthoffer's Sophia
2. Supreme Acres Clydesdales - Princess Iris Supreme

Gelding 4 yr and Over

1. Owl Creek Clydesdales - Brady
2. Ohio Valley Shires - Jesse
3. Supreme Acres Clydesdales - Belleau W.S. Jack
4. Supreme Acres Clydesdales - Toby
5. Ohio Valley Shires - Duke
6. Dream Acres farm - Luke

Gelding 3 yr and Under

1. Ohio Valley Shires - Paragon
2. Sidell & Co. - Brad Anns Tucker
3. Tim Dyer

Mare & Foal

1. Supreme Acres Clydesdales
2. Kimberly Forthofer

Produce of Dam

1. Supreme Acres Clydesdales
2. Dream Acres Farms

Junior Showmanship 13 & Under (combined breeds)

2nd place Tim Dyer entry
3rd place Supreme Acres Clydes/ Alysa Myers
8th place RicShar Farms entry

Senior Showmanship 14-18

4th place Supreme Acres Clydes - Hannah Watson
5th place Supreme Acres Clydes - Jeff Witt

Youth Cart 13 & Under

3rd place Supreme Acres Clydes - Alysa Myers

Youth Team 13 & Under

2nd place Supreme Acres Clydes - Alysa Myers
3rd place Sam Borck

Percheron/Clydesdale Mare Cart

3rd Ohio Valley Shire
4th Supreme Acres Clydesdales
5th Kory Weldy

Clydesdales Ladies Cart

1st Owl Creek Clydesdales
2nd Sidell & Co
3rd Supreme Acres Clydedales
4th Sam Borck
5th Ohio Valley Shires
6th Gary Holderbaum
7th Dream Acres Farm

Clydesdales Men's Cart

1st Owl Creek Clydesdales
2nd Sidell&Co
3rd Supreme Acres Clydesdales
4th Ohio Valley Shires
5th Gary Holderbaum
6th Sam Borck
7th Dream Acres Farm
8th RicSharFarm

Amateur Mare Team - Clyde Results only

4th Supreme Acres Clydesdales
5th RicShar Farms

Amateur Gelding Team - All Breeds

2nd Supreme Acres Clydesdales
3r Gary Holderbaum
4th Ohio Valley Shires
9th Sam Borck

Professional Mare/Gelding Team (All Breeds)

5th Owl Creek

Amateur Gelding Unicorn (All Breeds)

4th Sam Borck Professional Mare/Gelding Unicorn (All Breeds)
6th Gary Bolderbaum
8th Supreme Acres Clydesdales
9th Owl Creek

Western Riding

3rd Grazing Acres Farm
4th Supreme Acres Clydesdales
5th Sidell & Co
7th Kory Weldy

Senior Driving 65 & Older

3rd RicShar Farms


1st Sam Borck
2nd Supreme Acres Clydesdales
3rd Gary Holderbaum

Amateur Gelding 4HH (All Breed)

1st Ohio Valley Shires
3rd Sam Borck
6th Supreme Acres Clydesdales

Professional Mare/Gelding 4HH (All Breed)

1st Owl Creek Clydesdales
8th Gary Holderbaum

Amateur 6HH (All Breeds)

1st Ohio Valley Shires
2nd Supreme Acres Clydesdales

Professional 6 HH (All Breeds)

6th Owl Creek Clydesdales
7th Gary HOlderbaum

Costume Class

2nd Supreme Acres Clydesdales