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Fall 2013

Anita Guiher
13588 West Road
Wakeman, OH 44889

Hello ORCSA members,

It looks like the hustle of the Holiday Season is upon us already - the stores are decorated and the "stuff' is out there to sell. Of course, they, the retailers, want us to buy the "latest and greatest" - myself-1 am more inclined to keep what I have and by-pass all the hot technology devices. Besides, I just can't figure them out and the bad part is -1 kind of just don't want to either! Must be "this age thing" again.

I want to thank everyone who made the effort to vote and return their election ballots. We got 17 ballots back. Also, thank you to you folks, who ran for these positions, without your support and willingness to serve, ORCSA would not exist. Your new 2014 officers will be: Vice President- Anita Guiher, Treasurer - Brenda Damschroder, Secretary - Maureen Wightman, and Clydesdale Trustee - Mark Main. The transition of new officers will take place at the December General Membership Meeting, which will be conducted after the Ohio State Fair All Draft Horse Breed Show Meeting. The date for these meetings will be December 14, 2013 at 10:00 am and held at the DiSalle Building, which is located on the fair grounds just North off 17th Ave. If you plan to attend these meetings, for our meeting, please bring some snacks to share and your own drinks. We usually "munch" our way through our meeting.

We had a nice day and turnout for our Fall Outing, which ended up on our weather backup date on October 27 and held at and hosted by the Al and Maria Sidell's nice place near Gibsonburg. Thanks to Tim and Mary Myers for the use of their "people mover" and a Big thanks to Deb Bechstein and Bill Herrig for bringing a nice pair of Clydesdale mares to hitch to the "mover" and then haul our butts around the countryside. Deb and Bill were willing to share the lines with Andy Kavalauskas, Lauren Smyth and Karin Schambers, who all seemed to enjoy the opportunity.

Another "thank you" to Lauren Smyth for serving as our 2013 Youth Representative. I've included her summary other experiences over the past few months - she did a great job for us.

Norm and I are "almost" completely moved into our new place - what a project this has been. We never dreamed we had accumulated so much "stuff' over the past 34 years together. Geez - it's been a lot of work trying to downsize to 5+ acres from 120+ acres! But it's done and now we're just settling in with what we kept and what we still will need to discard. We moved our 3 Clydes on November 3 and, needless to say, they are wondering what happened too. Norm and I both agree - we never want to do this again!

Since I will be turning over my responsibilities as Secretary to Maureen in December, I want to say thank you all for your continued confidence in me, over all these past years as your secretary and,I look forward to continue serving in the VP position. My best wishes to Maureen and hope she'll have good experiences as your new Secretary. Don't forget our next General Membership Meeting will be December 14, 2013....hope to see you there.