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Fall 2010

Anita Guiher
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

Time for another newsletter - to bring you up to date on what's new and what's happening. Hope everyone has enjoyed our Fall and are making plans for the fast approaching Holiday Season - can't believe it is that time of year - again! Which reminds me, that the Ohio State Fair All Draft Horse Meeting will be on Saturday, December 11 at 10:00 am, held on the fairgrounds at the DiSalle Center, off 17th Ave. We will have our General Membership Meeting following the Show Meeting in the same building. If you can attend, bring some snacks to share at our ORCSA meeting - we usually are pretty hungry by the end of the Show Meeting!

Our election for Officers resulted with a new President - Andy Kavalauskas, Brenda Damschroder returns as Treasurer, myself as your Secretary and Tim Myers as our Clydesdale Trustee and Spokesman for the Ohio State Fair. I'd like to give Al Sidell a BIG THANK YOU, on our memberships' behalf, for serving as our President for the past 4 years. Al did a great job and hopefully, will stay active in our association. At this time, Al and Maria, do not have any drafts in their barns - but I'm thinking that could change at any given moment!! I would also like to say "thanks" to our present Executive Board for all their efforts; they are vital in keeping this organization going. Also, a "big thanks" to William Muller, for serving as our 2010 Youth Representative. William has a note in this newsletter highlighting his activities as Youth Rep.

I've included a couple of pages from this year's Ohio State Fair Results - that I inadvertently left out in my last newsletter -1 apologize for this mistake. Guess I am getting old and forgetful!

We had our Fall Get Together the end of September at our farm, and I think the members who made the effort to come and participate, weren't disappointed. We had good weather for our drive/ride and a good cookout with good conversations and friendship with each other. I truly wish more members would try to make it to these gatherings - those that do always enjoy themselves, make new friends and re-acquaint with old friends - you know- the draft horse - is our common interest and passion.

It is time to think about renewing your membership dues and sending in Stallion Reports and Trophy Sponsorships. I'd like your Stallion Reports back as soon as possible as I'd like to include them in the next newsletter for those members who might be looking for studs for the upcoming breeding season. This is an opportunity for our members to be able to use studs that belong to some of us. Please use the enclosed stamped envelope to return your dues application and trophy sponsorship forms with your monies (check) to Brenda Damschroder. Send the Stallion Reports to me.

I also have a new form for the Trophy Sponsorship for the 2011 Ohio State Fair in this newsletter. Remember - if you sponsor a class, you will receive 2 one day passes plus a parking pass to park on the rooftop of the horse barn. These passes actually make sponsoring a class a "freebie" So if you are thinking of going to the fair, think about sponsoring a Clydesdale and or Shire Class - you won't regret it!

We had an Executive Board Meeting on Nov. 7, and I have included these minutes for your review. Any concerns, questions or suggestions - PLEASE contact any of our Board Members, and we'll try to resolve, listen and or explain. Thank you for taking your time on this.

Next newsletter will be after the December meeting and hopefully, before the end of this year. Take care now, enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season and keep a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. Also, keep our service men and women in your prayers.... God be with them always and with you too.