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Fall 2009

Anita Guiher, Acting Secretary
9318 State Route 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
PH: 419-588-2365

Hello ORCSA members,

Due to our Secretary resigning her position very suddenly, I have been “thrust” back into operation - again- to help out. Perhaps, hopefully, until a new secretary can be installed in December.

By the time I get this newsletter out and in the mail, we will have had our “Fall” outing at the Sidell’s home. We hope we will have a decent turnout of members, even though we have to work under short notice, since a newsletter was not done in time to notify everyone of the planned outing. I apologize for any bad feelings you might have if you had wanted to attend but did not have sufficient time to plan your busy schedules. I think we all have our plates way too full for the numbers hours in a day and days in the week - at least some days, I sure feel that way.

I don’t have the Ohio State Fair results for the classes that the ORCSA members showed in, but will try to have them by the next newsletter. Upcoming in October is the Great Lakes Draft Horse Show in East Lansing , Michigan, and North American International Draft Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky. I’d like to wish everyone who is participating at these shows the Best of Luck and Bring home some “blue” and cash too!

I am bypassing the minutes of our last membership meeting held in August at the Ohio State Fair, But, hopefully, by our December meeting, there will be minutes to go over. The December meeting will be held AFTER the “All Draft Horse Meeting” for the 2010 Ohio State Fair and will be the Second Saturday in December (Dec. 12) at 10:00am at the Fair Grounds. Bring some snacks to share at meeting, you know, we always get hungry after that All Draft Horse Meeting!

We have positions to fill on our Executive Board this year and they are: Vice President, Shire Trustee, Secretary and Treasurer. Since no one nominated anyone for these positions, we will need to have “write ins”. I will have ballots in the mailing with this newsletter. Please write-in a member’s name - BUT, only if this person is willing and able to serve.

Lynn Muller has said he’d like to be Vice President, Brenda Damschroder would like to remain Treasurer, Anita Guiher will take on a “temporary” position as secretary but would like someone to take her place as soon as possible. Todd Riedel would like to take our Shire Trustee position. Please return your ballots by November 6, 2009 to Daryl Jones, who will tally the votes and notify President Al and myself of the results as soon as she gets the tally. Remember, if you have a Family Membership, you will receive 2 ballots and if you are a single membership, you will receive I ballot. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VOTE AND RETURN YOUR BALLOTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I’d like to welcome new and or renewed members: Clydesdale owners, Russ and Nancy Larson from Newbury, Ohio; Laurie Gallatm and Bill Foos from Marysville, Ohio; and Shire owner, Dame! Todd Riedell from Seville, Ohio. I hope we can entice them to be active members and look forward to having them share their experiences and knowledge with us all when we are together.

I would also like to share an email sent to me, written by our member Andy Kavalauskas, about one of our ORCSA members. This is a very endearing and well needed venture that Pat Howe and her husband Bill, from Lebanon, Ohio, have taken on. All my best wishes for them with this program and PLEASE keep up the good work. This is a very much needed program, with a lot of satisfaction and gratitude obtained with your efforts. Thank you Pat and Bill.

On behalf of our membership, I would like to thank Will Muller for serving as our 2009 Youth Representative and for doing a great job at the Ohio State Fair handing out ribbons and trophies. Will is the son of Lynn and Mary Muller from Avon Lake and is a sophomore at Avon Lake High School, who enjoys wrestling and spending time at our farm with his family’s Clydesdale. Please feel free to forward anything to me that you think would be of benefit to our group or enlightening. I will put it in our newsletters for everyone to read. Till the next newsletter, take care of those you love, pray for our fighting military folks and for our country’s well being and our government too.


Anita Guiher-Acting Secretary

An afterthought -

Tim Myers, who is our Ohio State Fair negotiating rep, needs nominations for judgesboth for hitch and halter. For those of you who are exhibitors, give some consideration to this and contact Tim with your suggestions, concerns and potential judges. If you have judge nominations, makes sure they would and are able to take the job before submitting their names. Tim’s phone: