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Fall 2007

Hello to all our ORCSA members,

It is finally Fall in Ohio - it seems to have come a little later than normal - but I am not complaining! The month of October has been wonderful, weather wise and all the farmers in our areas are happily harvesting their crops - and those crops are looking pretty abundant - at least they appear that way. Our horses are looking healthy and sleek with their winter coats filling in nice and thick. I hope every one's horses are fine and going into winter happy, and hopefully, those mares are in foal. We have talked to some breeders around the area that we know and it seems to be the consensus that 2007 has been a hard year to get the mares settled in foal. We didn't get our new mare in foal, so maybe there is some truth to this. "PJ", our stud did his best, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be for this upcoming year, anyway. Oh well, we will just have to try again in 2008. I can't believe that it is only a few weeks away - where did this year go? I have included quite a few items in this newsletter, so please take the time to go through everything and fill out and return the necessary forms.

The results of the Election of Officers are:

Kory Weldy - Vice President
Angie Borck - Secretary
Brenda Damschroder - Treasurer
Andy Kavalauskas - Trustee

Thank you to those who ran for office.

Also, I'd like to say "thank you" for a good return on the ballots; we received 30 ballots - and that is a record, since I have been secretary! Thank you!

As some of you know, President Al is recovering from a total knee replacement. He is doing fine, but he wants to be back at it - but just can't do that, yet. Since I've had both my knee joints fixed in the past 2 years, I know how he feels - we're just not "sit down" people, and it is hard to just have to wait so long for recovery. But I know he'll be just great again, soon, and happy he got it fixed - all in time!

Norm and I were fortunate to be able to get away last month to go see the World Clydesdale Show in Madison, WI. Wow - what a show! We helped out each day at the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA booth, and as a result, missed a lot of the classes, but the ones we did see were quite awesome. I would never have been able to judge those classes....BIG classes and lots of quality Clydes to look at. We, OHIO, were proudly represented with some great halter and hitch horses and drivers. Our own members- Bill Burgett and his well known, winning Owl Creek Hitch, Mark Main, the Mike Oxender family and Loren Damschroder's son, Chris were^ome of our association's exhibitors. Also, Deb Bechstein, past president of ORCSA, was showing too. GO OHIO! Norm and I are looking forward to watching the DVD on this show when it comes out; it should be a memorable one. By now, a lot of you might have heard of the tragic deaths of 4 of the Clay family from WI, from carbon monoxide poisoning while sleeping in their horse trailer/camper on the first morning of this show. What a shock to all of us there and what a tragic accident. Their daughter, Tina, bravely went on to show and exhibit the family horses.

Mark your calendar for the All Breed Draft Horse Show meeting at the Ohio State Fair grounds on December 8. 2007 at 10:00 am in the DiSalle Center just off 17th Ave and 171. We will have an ORCSA General Membership Meeting afterwards. If you are planning to come, bring a snack to share, as we all get pretty hungry by the time we get all the meetings done.

We would like to say "thank you", again to Nicole Mitchell, our 2007 Youth Representative for representing ORCSA this past summer and also a thank you to her family for their help and support. I've enclosed her letter for all of you to read and enjoy. Thanks Nicole.

Please fill out your dues renewal form, stallion reports and trophy sponsorships forms and return them as soon as possible. Our Executive Board made a change on the Dues Form, in regards to late dues. The dues should be paid by Jan. 1 each year, but you have until Feb. 15 (grace period), to get your dues into Brenda - after that date, you will no longer current and will not receive any further notices, newsletters or reports.

Since this will be my last newsletter to you, I'd like to say the past few years have gone by so fast, and we, ORCSA, have come a long way in that time period. I took on this job, in an effort, to help ORCSA get back on its feet, and I must tell you, for me, it has been a long push up the hill. I feel we are a better association today than we were 5 years ago, and I hope it will continue to get bigger and better in the future. I'd truly like to see more of you come to our gatherings and meetings and get to know this group. We are a great bunch of people who enjoy the bond of having these gentle giants in our lives. We are fun loving, helpful, . honest and open people, who make friends easily and aren't afraid to help each other. So, I invite our membership to get involved and be an active part of this group. Thank you for allowing me to be your Secretary for these past years and lets keep the future of ORCSA strong and foregoing. I wish Angie Borck, your new Secretary, all the best, as she takes on this responsibility. I know she will do her best. I plan to give her my help as much as she wants and as long as she wants.