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Fall 2005 Issue

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

It is Fall in Ohio, and the trees are brilliant in color, although, I think somewhat later than usual this year. The mornings are crisp and cool but manage to still warm up by day's end.... and the horses seem to love this season too. No more pesty horse flies and bees. And cool breezes to invigorate them and make them frisky and full of mischief and fun. Great time of year - don't you think?

I have a few items to cover; so I hope to make this short. The fall weekend event in September, which was held at our farm, was fun, although we had some obstacles to overcome, mainly the downpour on Saturday, which pretty much lasted the entire day! But we made the best of it, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. About 15 members attended, a lot of our boarders and some neighbors and friends rounded out the numbers. Al's mother and father were our chefs for Saturday night's meal - it was delicious, I think, we should "hire them" to be our official cooks from now on! Of course, the potluck dishes that everyone contributed made our meal into a feast - yum! We did feed ourselves quite well for the entire weekend, for sure. Our "fun classes" were well represented with Clydes, Shires and even a Belgian and a Percheron. The Clinic, which was conducted by our farrier, Shane Charney and his apprentice, was well received, and they did a great job with their presentation. "P.J.", our stallion, was their "volunteer" for the "Mike Nolan Hoof plate procedure. The application and outcome is to promote growth and healthy foot for the horse by enhancing and redirecting blood flow throughout the hoof and the movement of the arch of the sole. "PJ." has had this on his front feet now since Sept. 17, and he is showing an inch growth of new hoof. I will send a few photos to Brandon for our web site (HERE), so be on the lookout for these photos to show the look of procedure. If you want more information, visit the web site: or call 1 -800-734-9513 or Mike or call 513-619-6320 (Cincinnati, OH).

Al, representing the ORCSA Executive Board, presented Dr .Richard Hurt, not present, and Loren Damschroder with Honorary ORCSA Trustee certificates at our Fun Weekend and thanked them both for many years of service and dedication to our organization. I wish more of our members could have joined us for this weekend, and I hope, in time, our events will continue to grow in attendance. I'm hoping we might have recruited 2 new memberships, as a result of our efforts in September. I look forward to welcoming them, if they join up.

If anyone has suggestions for our group gatherings, please let our officers know. We really want to continue trying to make this an association that "gives back" to its members, fun, education, comradeship and new friendships.

The results of our officer election are in and our new officer, Sam Borck and incumbents will be in place after the December meeting at the Ohio State Fair Grounds in Columbus. We received only 14 ballots back. After the general meeting for the OSF, we will meet as our group, and Al will conduct the December ORCSA membership meeting, while in Columbus. The Ohio State Fair meeting is December 10. 2005 at 10:00 am at the DiSalle Building. located on the north side of the grounds, off 17th Ave. DiSalle Bldg is on the right side of the drive after turning off 17th Ave. Please plan to attend, if you can, "the more, the merrier", so they say.

I have included some forms in this newsletter, so please take the time to look them over and return these forms filled out to us by the deadlines indicated on the forms. Membership dues, Trophy Sponsorship, ORCSA Web Site, and Stallion Listings are the forms included. Classified Ads, if you have something to sell or trade or want, are also requested. I hope I have covered everything, so I will sign off for now.


A note from your President, Al Sidell,

I want to give a special "thank you" to the Guihers for hosting the 1st Annual Fun Filled Weekend. I'd like to state that for our first attempt, things went well (except for Saturday's weather). Also, I want to give a Big thank you to all those who helped and participated, to make this event a success. We enjoyed lots of Good Food and Fun and also enjoyed a nice ride and wagon drive on Sunday. The weather was excellent for that event. We gave a Special recognition to Dr. Richard Hurt and Loren Damschroder, in the form of Honorary Trustees inducted into our Hall of Fame! We wanted thank them for their endless support of ORCSA over the years. Thank you! Thank you!!!

Looking forward to next year!