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Hi ORCSA Members,

Iím hoping everyone has had an enjoyable summer with their Shires and Clydesdales. Many County Fairs and Shows are over, but there are certainly a few big shows coming up soon. And I want to wish all of you, who participate, lots of luck and hope you bring home some trophies, ribbons and money!!

I was hoping to have the results of the Ohio State Fair Classes to put in this newsletter, but as I am writing this, nothing has come in my mailbox. Norm and I went down to watch the show and were very happy to see that the number of Clyde and Shire hitches were well represented. It takes a lot of preparation, work, help and financial investment for each and everyone of you to do this. I can only wish that the spectators would fully understand this and would appreciate all your efforts. The Governorís Cup Class was very impressive with 18 six horse hitches of all draft breeds competing. Getting all 18 hitches in the Coliseum was a sight to be seen. The drivers did a wonderful job of fitting the 18 hitches into place then taking them out one by one as the placings were called. We missed the "in hand" classes, so I have no comment on that part of the show. Just hope everyone did well.

I would like to thank Amanda Summers, our 2004 Representative to doing a nice job, which I understand, was a bit confusing at times. She had a smile for each and every contestant as they came by for their ribbons and trophies.

I would also like to express a huge thank you to all of our members who sponsored classes for

this yearís Ohio State Fair. This helps to make the classes more memorable for all the exhibitors.

I hope you will continue to help out in this way for next year, too. Again, thanks so much.

The General Membership meeting was held on August 13 at the OSF. I am including the minutes of that meeting in this newsletter. PLEASE, take a time to read them, as we have officers nominations to be voted on by our membership. Would you please vote and return the ballots to me by November 1. 2004. A "single" membership is entitled to one vote and a "family" membership is entitled to two votes. The positions to be filled are President, Treasurer and Clydesdale Trustee. There will be spaces available for "write ins" on the ballots. The new officers will take over at the conclusion of our December General Membership Meeting, which will be announced at a later time. This meeting is held at the Ohio State Fair grounds in Columbus and will be conducted after the "All Breed" Meeting.

We also need nominations for judges for next yearís Ohio State Fair. There will be space on the ballots for your nominations.

I would like to announce that our Website is up and running. Take a minute to check it out at: Brandon Knapp is doing a great job, and I think it is looking pretty nice. But we need our members to get their information and photos in, so that it can continue to grow. Brandon will put a link in for each member who submits the info and photos (optional) and will bill the members individually - at very reasonable prices. ($10 / page of info and $1 per photo up to 5 photos). This is a very inexpensive way to advertise your name, and! or farm and horses and anything for sale pertaining to horses. We are trying to make this organization have some "clout" and generate interest in our breeds in Ohio, so we need your input. You can send your packages to:

Brandon Knapp
24624 Gore-Orphanage Rd.
New London, OH 44851
Phone: 440-647-2808

Brandon will return your photos or you can scan them and send them to his email address listed above.

I am again asking - (maybe BEGGING?) you to get involved with ORCSA. We need committee members - we canít do everything weíd like, if we canít get the help and involvement. So - I am PESTERING each and every one of you to look at our list of committees and put your name down to help make this all work. If only a few want to do the work, it is nearly impossible to accomplish anything, but if more people participate with ideas and involvement - then this organization will be get better and better. Our membership is growing - to date, we have 41 memberships. So donít think your help is not wanted - because it really is needed.

Our Social Event is set for October 3 at "Carriage Hill Farm" There is an insert and a few words from Andy Kavalauskas, who organized this day for us. We are looking forward to getting together for a fun day, so plan to come and enjoy some fellowship with our members. BRING A PICNIC BASKET for yourself, as we are planning to gather at the end of the day for a visit and picnic. The time set for the dayís events are from 1-5pm. We will try to picnic at 4:00pm -before the park closes. Hope to see a lot of you there. Bring your horses and horse drawn vehicles, if youíd like, or just come to enjoy what the farm offers. Andyís phone number is included, ph# 937-233-7457, if you have questions about the farm and about camping facilities there or nearby.

Take care now and hope to see you soon.

Anita L. Guiher
Secretary, ORCSA
9318 St. Rte. 113 E.
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
phone: 419-588-2365