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Winter Issue - Early 2005

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

As I am writing this, I'm looking out our back windows and watching the snow melt - Finally! This winter is certainly leaving its mark this year on all of us. As the days are starting to get longer, I know Spring is really on its way, and I am looking forward to its arrival. I have been recovering from a partial knee replacement surgery, which was done on January 20, and I now have "cabin fever" to excess! I was never meant to be a houseplant - that is for sure!

Our Vice-President, Loren Damschroder is facing very serious health problems, and I ask all of us to think of him with prayers and good wishes for his recovery. Loren is one of our originating members of ORCSA and has remained active and involved for all these many years. God be with you, Loren.

We are having a "fun meeting" on March 19.2005 at Tim and Deb Dyer's home starting at 1:00 pm with a pot luck lunch. I hope we can have a good turn out and enjoy a day of friendship and also have a good time together. President Al will have a few items to talk about -but nothing too serious, is the theme for the day. Please Plan to Come. Check out the enclosed map and directions. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or email your Officers.

I have only a few "classified items" for this letter. You can send or email me with anything you'd like to advertize, and I will put it in the next letter. This is a way to let our members know if you have something for sale, want something or need to know something.

I have only a couple Stallion Listings to report. I will have this form put out next fall so that I can have the listings for Stallions for the "Winter Feather Features Newsletter", in case anyone is looking for a stallion for breeding, you will be able to check out our member's studs.

Also, another reminder to get your information and pictures in to Brandon Knapp, our Webmaster, for our Website - This site has potential for just about any thing you'd like to see on it... just need you to take the time and submit your farm link for Brandon to incorporate into the site.

If you need any forms for ORCSA data and can't locate them in the last newsletter, let me know and I can send them to you. Also, check the website for these forms too.

Reminder, 2005 dues should be sent into Brenda Damschroder, if you have not already done so. Cost is $25 for farm membership and $18 for a single membership.

Since I want to make this short, I will sign off for now and hope to see YOU at Tim and Deb Dyer's on March 19 at 1:00 pm. Now don't forget!!!

Anita L. Guiher, Secretary, ORCSA
phone: 419-588-2365


You have two small bags packed and your horse has a trunk of clothes and half a pickup load of equipment.

You run a comb through your hair once in a weekend and call it good and then spend 2 hours a day banding your horse's mane and combing out his tail.

Your horse smells better than you. Your horse dresses better than you. Your horse eats better than you. Your horse gets more sleep than you.

People know your horse's name, his parents' names, his show record, etc, but all they know about you is "Aren't you the person who owns (insert your horse's name)?".

You spend hundreds of dollars on shavings, stall rent, entry fees, etc. and then can't decide whether you should buy a large or small lemonade for yourself.

You have a pocket calculator in your back pocket to figure points.

You can sprain your ankle, break 3 fingernails, get a mild concussion, sprain your back, have someone back into your truck, get food poisoning, heatstroke, sunburn, lose your dog, lose your kid,, and stiil call it a successful weekend because your horse won his class.


Al Sidell -President
2574 C.R. 74
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Loren Damschroder -Vice-President
Brenda Damschroder -acting Treasurer
6142 C.R. 85
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Anita Guiher - Secretary
9318 ST.RTE. 113E.
Berlin Heights, OH 4481

Andy Kavalauskas - Trustee
4371 Schwinn Dr.
Riverside, OH 45404

Richard Forthofer - Trustee
5570 E. 200 S.
Portland, IN 47371

Tim Myers - Trustee
3130 C.R. 239
Fremont, OH 43420