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April 2005 Issue

Hello to all our ORCSA members.

Spring is finally here - wow - what a winter, right? I hope all of you who had mares in foal are enjoying your babies frolicking and snoozing in the warm outdoors. For those who are awaiting new foals, I wish you all the best and hope you have healthy and sweet babes. It always marvels me, each time a new baby Clyde is born at our place. So big and beautiful the moment they push through that sack, but oh so really fragile and helpless - at first. And in just a few short hours, they are up and ready to face the world - though it may be scary at times!

Well, back to business, we had a great turnout and excellent food and friendship shared at the Dyers' home back in March. Tim, Deb and Genevieve were most hospitable to us all, and I believe everyone had a good time.

In early April, ORCSA participated in the Equine Affaire in Columbus. We now have a wonderful picture display board, thanks to Andy Kavalauskas and Daryl Jones and some of her photos. The Dyers, Batons and Sidells brought horses for our stall display and Breed Demo, as well as Sam Borck and Angie Scherzer and the Owl Creek Clydesdale Hitch and Alysa Myers, who all were in the Demo. Thank you to those who helped with this event. Maria Sidell has designed and printed our ORCSA brochure, which we handed out to anyone interested in learning more about Shires and /or Clydesdales. The brochure came out really nice, and we should all be proud of it.

We would still like to see more members involved with our web site - Take a minute and check it out. Brandon Knapp, our webmaster, is doing a great job for us, and it is looking very good. I know everyone is busy in their own worlds today, but take some time, look this site over and then submit your photos and info for Brandon to add to our site. The more members participating, the greater the site will be!

We have our Annual Summer Picnic on June 12 at l:OQpm, hosted by Al and Maria Sidell. Mark your calendars and plan to come. Bring a covered dish to share and items for the "Chinese Auction". Plan to have a fun day and enjoy the fellowship of our members. I have enclosed a map and directions to Sidells. We will also have some items for sale with our logo embroidered on them. Orders will be taken for sizes and colors if you want your farm colors with our logo.

We will vote on our 2005 Youth Representative at the picnic. I hope we will have a few young folks who want to participate and run for our 2005 Representative. Submit your youth's application to Sandy Weldy, Chairperson. We'd like to have these applications before the picnic day, so talk to your family's potential candidates and hopefully, we'll have a good turn out of applicants.

After the picnic, the next event is the Ohio Exposition Draft Horse Show in Hillard, Ohio at the end of June. Then the Ohio State Fair is in August in Columbus. Please check our web site for dates and the web site for Ohio State Fair. OSF is requiring all entries to be done via their web site. So I guess we all have to be dragged into the world of computers, whether we like it or not! They just are not going away. . . .

One item to be talked about at the picnic will be our Fall event - trail/wagon drive and campout plus a "fun show" on the weekend of September 1 8, 2005 at Norm and Anita Guiher's farm. We have some good ideas already and will have more information on this at the picnic. I guess you will need to mark your calendars for these ORCSA events and make plans to be a part of it. If anyone wants to help with the planning of the campout/drive/show, contact Al Sidell, Jerry Eaton, Richard Forthofer or Norm Guiher. They will welcome you and your suggestions and help.

Since we have a rather meager budget, I will try to email these newsletters to as many members as possible in the future, to help with postage and copying expenses. If you would be so kind - for those who have an email address - Please send me your email addresses to:

Thank you for doing this - it will help out. I will use "microsoft word" for the documents -so hopefully, you will be able to open the attachments.

We need to vote on our proposed "By-Law" change. I have enclosed a ballot/ballots for our membership to cast their vote. The ballot will present the proposed change. Please vote - a single membership gets 1 vote and family membership gets 2 votes. Return the ballots to me by May 28, 2005. Results will be announced at the Annual Picnic on June 12 at Al and Maria Sidell 's home.

Well, I think I have covered everything for now, so I will sign off and look forward to seeing you at our picnic. Check the map for directions.

Sincerely submitted
Anita Guiher
Secretary, ORCSA

Al Sidell -President
2574 C.R. 74
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Loren Damschroder -Vice-President
Brenda Damschroder -acting Treasurer
6142 C.R. 85
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

Anita Guiher - Secretary
9318 ST.RTE. 113E.
Berlin Heights, OH 4481

Andy Kavalauskas - Trustee
4371 Schwinn Dr.
Riverside, OH 45404

Richard Forthofer - Trustee
5570 E. 200 S.
Portland, IN 47371

Tim Myers - Trustee
3130 C.R. 239
Fremont, OH 43420