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2012 ORCSA Queen Letter

2012 ORCSA Queen Report

Being the 2012 Ohio Regional Clydesdale and Shire Representative was amazing... with so many adventures and experiences. Meeting so many different people and getting to ride in all the different wagons was rewarding and the Ohio State Fair was so much fun and my favorite fair. Meeting the Belgian and Percheron Queens was great, and they both really helped me and taught me what to do. The Governor's Cup was my favorite class and being able to be a part of that and riding in the winner's wagon was awesome. Juggling showing and handing out awards was hard work for me but so worth it. Being the Youth Rep was such an amazing experience and I would love to do it again. I would like to thank the Ohio Regional Clydesdale and Shire Association for this opportunity and for letting me represent them as their Youth Rep for 2012.

Thank you,

Taylor Maggard