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ORCSA General Membership Meeting
June 7, 2008 at 10:30 AM

Ohio State Fair meeting Minutes August 8, 2008 @10:00 am

Attending the meeting: Mark, Jill, Michael, and McKenna Dodds, Daryl Jones, Andy Kavalauskas, Steve Swander, Kaitlyn Clevland, Al Sidell, Angle Borck, Tim and Mary Myers, Lynn, Mary and William Muller, Richard Hurt, Sharon Edwards Mceord, Emilee Edwards.

At the Start of the meeting Eon Mack, the representative from the Ohio State Fair entered the room and asked if we had any concerns for this years show. We expressed our concerns with the mix-up with the class schedules. We addressed the issues with show attire as jeans and shorts were seen in the show ring, only a few, but still better than previous years. Bon told us he would address the class schedule with Judy. Eon also mention that he thought the fair board would cut the Draft horse and Draft pony show but they did not because the Governors Cup is such a big , draw. The Governor's Cup is well attended and well supported. We also discussed our disappointment with the raise in the stalling fees from $15 to $35-$50. Eon said he would take our concerns and present them to the horse show committee.

The meeting was then called to order by Al Sidell Minutes from the previous meeting were presented and Andy Kavalauskas made motion to pass on the reading of the minutes, Tim Myers second motion, motion voted and passed.

Treasures Report was presented by Angie Borck for Brenda Damschoder, (Brenda delivered the treasures report the previous day, but could not stay for the meeting on Friday.) The treasures report was accepted.

Old business:

Equine Affair- the stall has been paid for the Clydesdale demo. Dr. Hurt mentioned the lack of ' Shires at Equine Affair.

State Fair- Al Sidell thanked Emilee Edwards for doing a great job at the fair again this year as our queen and representing the ORSCA There was some discussion about trophies being donated by the American Shire Association, are there duplicates of some trophies being made? Angie will contact Theresa Shively on this.

Fall Outing- we are still looking for a location for the outing or at least a get-together sometime this fall, nothing is planned yet Some discussion about Andy checking on a location, he will let us know. Daryl Jones will spear Andy for this.

New Business:

Nominations for elections
President Anita Guiher was nominated by Lynn Mullins second by Mark Dodds
Al Sidell was nominated by Daryl Jones, second by Jill Dodds

Treasurer: Brenda Damschroder was nominated by Angie Borck, second by Daryl Jones

Clydesdale Representative: Tim Myers was nominated by Steve Swander, second by Jill Dodds

Al Sidell made motion to closed nominations Mark Dodds second, motion voted and passed. Mark Dodds reported on some events Scottish Games were held June 28, 9008 @ Wellington- Lorain County Fair Grounds

The Dodds, Mailers and Guihers all had Clydesdales on display. The group expressed interest in having a breed demo for 2009. Mark thinks it would be a great idea. The interest of a parade, carriages, riders both western and English etc. would be welcomed. Al recommended the Mullers and Dodds organize a group and get some information for next year to get the ball rolling on this.

Berlin Heights also has a parade for the Basket Festival and Mary Mullers will get some information on the parade for the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Angie Borck