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General Meeting, August 7, 2009 Minutes

No reading of last meeting minutes. Jill Dodds left them at home, will be in next newsletter.

New business

Trustee position, Vice President and Tresurer position open. Al asked for nominations. None given. Al Sidell will speak with Kory Weldy on keeping Vice President Position.

Al recommended that at one time Secretary and Treasurer were one postion and recommend that they be combined for one year, and at a later date could be decided as to whether to keep them as one postion.

Fall meeting has nothing scheduled at this point and no offers were made. Suggestion made to meet at a park that would be centrally located so all members could attend more easily. Todd Riedel asked for benefits of club to be presented. Al discussed different meetings and outings throughout the year. Todd was given prices of $25 family/$15 single membership.Tim Meyers brought up good networking/breed promotion. More voices together to protect the breed, Equine Affair stall, and we have fun and eat well. Steve Saunders brought up the Scottish games. Al went over youth rep. resposibilities and announced that William Muellr was our youth rep. for this year. Lynn Mueller brought up our website. Angle Borck asked everyone present to introduce themselves.

No Cleveland Christmas parade this year. Possibly Pittsburg will be doing it. Lebanon still on. Deleware has Openings until Sept. 13th for the all equine parade.

(Angle left room to bring Ron Mack to the meeting) Al brought up to Todd trophy sponsorship and that passes for entry and parking are given for that. Mary Mueller announced that we will need storage of left over trophies since Brenda Damschroder is stepping down. No volunteers at this time.

Al announced that all draft breed meeting will be second Sat. in Dec. at 10am with our club meeting to immediately follow.

Nominations and fall outing were discussed again, please let Jill Dodds know any nominations or * fall outing suggestions by the end of Aug.

Angie borck brought to the floor that the hospitality area would be opened and thanked everyone for helping out.

Ron Mack joins meeting-draft horse liason.

Ring Master not helpful again this year. Al brought up show started a half hour early, and Ron stated that all show schedules were having a problem. Also having judge problems. Stated that all nominations were on time, and tim meyrs agreed that they were. Al brought up to Ron that new exhibitors are missing shows, due to changes, and that should not be an issue since programs are paid for and not issued till show starts. Wants to know why they are still wrong. Ron had no real answer. Also internet program class numbers do not coordinate. Men's cart class was moved 2 clsses back from published program. Must have a list of programs and stick to it.New show person missed class due to change of time and announcing can not be heard. Members feel staff could have informed everyone since they have stall numbers. Ron Mack had no real answer as to why this continues to happen and that turning up the PA system would be no help to get the message out. Suggested that announcer should give class number and name. Al stated that he wants everyone stalled together and program problems addressed. Ron explained his stalling procedure when he recieves a request. Must remind members to fill out the Stalled Next To portion of the Ohio State Fair forms. Tim Meyers tries to communicate with fair officals but gets no headway. All other state fairs are glad to see us. Fair offical is at Dec. all breed meeting. Hold to printed schedules. Belgians and Percherons seem to have much less problems and are treated better. Fifth place was dropped in certain classes but Judy (fair offical) states it was a typo, and Tim made sure he had Virgil (fair offical) to back him up. We are only asking for equal treatment. That paid for printed schedules should be adhered to.

Floor left to open discussion, none at this time, meeting endee.