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Minutes of the August 6, 2010 ORCSA General Membership Meeting held at the Ohio State Fair.

First half of minutes by Maria Sidell

The meeting was called to order by Al Sidell.

There were introductions and 3 new members were there and showing their horses that week

Minutes were not available for reading at that time

Brenda, the Treasurer, was not able to attend the meeting . Al read the last available Treasurer report he had and the balance read $1800.00, that did not reflect the money made at the spring picnic or any expenses incurred during the picnic.

There was the question as to whether Will, our youth Representative, received any expense money.

Everyone thought the Ringman on Thurs and Friday of the Ohio State Fair was a big improvement and things went much smoother this year. Todd thought they were helpful in giving you time for tack changes. Tim A Mary Myers did have a problem of them forgetting they had a tack change, but they did let them in the ring and ran the class as a split class to include them.

Tim thought classes on Thursdays are to tight - Al thought that we could bring that up in the December meeting in Columbus.

Todd thought that meeting with the pony people in scheduling classes might make things flow better.

Tim & Mary Myers discussed that the gelding/stallion team should be a reg. mare team class - entry form says 'registered team1 for all hitches - and should be mare/gelding reg. team - other than those it should be open to grades and registered.

Todd thought the Shire numbers improved from 9 to 16 entries.

Mark thought there shouldn't be a $50.00 fine for no show in classes

There was some question about the technicalities of the "Pleasure Class" as to what exactly flat shod meant, it also states no show harness and must be farm or breast style.

Overall this year with the changes that were made, including adding a tandem and walk-trot- canter class, were good changes

Gary thought instead of adding so many new classes they should lower cost and try to get more people to attend.

We began talking about nominations for upcoming officers and that is when Norm & Anita arrived.

Continued minutes for August 6, 2010 ORCSA General Membership Meeting held at the Ohio State Fair.

Next agenda item covered were nominations for our Officers for 2011. Positions to be filled are President, Treasurer, Secretary and Clydesdale Trustee. Maria nominated Andy Kavalauskas for President and Gary Shively seconded. A call for other nominations was made, no others nominated, nominations were closed. Next was the Clydesdale Trustee with Todd Riedel nominating Tim Myers and Russ Larson seconding the nomination. No further nominations were taken and nominations were closed. Treasurer position will be offered again to Brenda with a phone call by President Al. Be noted that Brenda did accept the nomination. Secretary position had Maria Sidell nominating Anita Guiher for the position and Emily seconding the nomination. A call for further nominations was made and not receiving any others, the nominations were closed. All positions will have the "write-in" options available.

Last item covered by Al involved having a Fall outing. It was agreed that last year's get-together was a lot of fun and gave opportunities for our members to drive multiple hitches from team, unicorn to four- up. Al stated that the Guiher's have hosted the fall outings for a couple times, Sidell's a couple times and Carriage Hill Park, near Springfield/Dayton area once. Al stated that possible public sites are Mohican State Park and Hocking Hills. Liability is an issue for some private farms offering their farms for horse related events. After further discussion, Norm and Anita offered to host this year's event. Al will bring his big stew pot for cooking over a fire. Dates were discussed and it was decided to have the outing on September 26, 2010. Times and directions will be in the newsletter. We asked for some members to bring their horses for a possible trail ride.

Al called for other business, there being none at this time, Gary Shively called to adjourn and Russ Larson seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:30am.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L. Guiher

ORCSA Secretary