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ORCSA General Membership Meeting - August 5,2011 at 9:00am held at the Ohio State Fair

President Andy called the meeting to order and since the minutes had been sent out through the mail they were not read at this time. The Treasurer's Report has been handed out and since there were no questions or outstanding bills, the report was accepted. Brenda had encountered some problems with the trophies and communications with the Ohio State Fair Show personal. She does not want to oversee this project for 2012 but will help out with it as the treasurer. We will need to find a new chairperson to oversee the trophies. Andy ask the members attending today to look over the sign up sheet for our committees. Emily and Todd stated that the State Fair want to take over the trophies, which Brenda also had told the Anita over the telephone. We would just collect the money and the Fair would handle it from there. They would not show who the specific sponsor was , as in the past, only genetically list them in the program. Andy asked for input on this and was concerned that the trophies will not be of any quality. Tim noted that if there were not entries in a specific class, then the Fair will keep the monies. A question was presented about the number of entries in a class and if pay cuts would increase (divided amongst the winners), based on the lack of entries or would the Fair keep the money. Since it is printed what the pay outs would be prior to the actual class, the remainder of pay outs would be kept by the Fair. Tim will talk to the Fair folks again on this at the December meeting. It was noted that the number of exhibitors was down and that it is expensive to exhibit at this Fair. Tim wants the Clydesdales and Shires to keep participating because if we don't continue then our breed of drafts will be put in with the other draft breeds, instead of having their own classes. Discussion continued on this problem and also how other big shows are working with these issues. Dixie offered to help on the trophy committee. Brenda had said she will work with a committee in regards to getting the money collected and information on sponsors, but other committee members will need to purchase trophies and take them to the engraver and also deal with the Fair people, if we continue to take care of our own trophies.

Andy stated that we will edit and change our ad for the "Draft Horse Journal". The Board decided to have the Secretary's name, address and phone number listed as well as the names and phone numbers for our Breed Trustees. The full board and membership would be referred to in our web site.

Andy said he had received a call form the TV show - "Extreme House Make Overs" and later found out that their request was not the way it originally sounded. They actually wanted a "free team" to borrow and drive themselves, so they could take the home owners to their make over house after they were finished remodeling, but they did not want to pay anything. This might have been a neat thing but not the way they wanted it.

The Board had a discussion on the number of membership and due to the economy problems, should we downsize our activities for ORCSA. They decided to try to keep things as is for now. Results of the survey were discussed. The main thing expressed in the survey was the possibility of having clinics and or seminars to help educate and teach more facets of the draft horse industry. We then talked about having some professionals come and we could pay for their talents by inviting other groups to attend these sessions. It was noted that our 4-H Clubs do not know how to show draft horses; they show them like they are Quarter Horses. Discussion followed on promoting our draft horses and the proper ways to show draft horses. We could promote this via career days at our local schools but would need to get this information out early in the year, so plans could be made. These clinics could be done at our different counties throughout the year and hopefully would get the youth involved and interested when they are young. We would have to look into the liability issues of having the public invited to a facility which would house the event. We should have a horsemanship- showmanship clinic to educate both the young upcoming horsemen and adults as well. We could have several clinicians participate and demonstrate their points of view, and these would run simultaneously, due to time factors involved. We would need to do these clinics/seminars late Spring-Early Summer. We could contact the State 4-H Office to send out flyers to every county, plus magazines like 'The Draft Horse Journal", "Horseman's Corral" and other Draft Horse organizations in Ohio. Andy asked to form a committee to work on this, so we might do something in the Spring of 2012.

Andy asked if any one would like to host our Fall outing and Mark Main offered to have it. We will look at a few dates and check back with Mark. Possible dates could be October 1 or 2. We will get back to Mark with a date.

Andy called for nominations for our Officers: Nominated for Vice President were: Lynn Muller and Norm Guiher, Treasurer: Brenda Damschroder, Secretary: Anita Guiher, Non-Horse Owner Trustee : Steve S wander, Loren Damschroder and Al Sidell. A call for nominations to close was made and Mark motioned to close and Tun Myers seconded the motion. Nominations closed. A ballot will be sent out to our membership to vote on our officers for 2012.

Andy asked for updated photos for our ORCSA Flyer. These need to be good quality photos, either digital photos or photos that can be scanned. We will ask Steve to update our brochure once we get new pictures.

Andy called for New Business. It was noted by Emily that the Ohio State Fair offered more classes this year even though we did not have many entries. This is an opportunity for the smaller farms to get involved. Tim did say that the Fair is only concerned with numbers and he will continue to battle with the Fair people so we can continue to have our own classes for our breeds. Tim has tried to win over Judy Peters, OSF, to get things changed but since we are so small , we really don't have any clout with the Show People and are at their mercy. Unfortunately, the National Clydesdale Show in Wisconsin is on at the same time, so a lot of exhibitors go there instead of the Ohio State Fair. Tim feels we need to keep our presence known and hold our ground because once they disband the classes for the Clydes and Shires, it will be a long time coming back - if ever.

Maria made a suggestion to have ORCSA offer to help with the fees for OSF exhibitors next year, so more smaller farms could participate. Tim says the Clydes and Shires have no major sponsors to help out and when the Governor's Cup Class is over the Colosseum empties out, even though there are more classes coming in to compete. The sound system did not work properly this year which didn't help. Al brought up the ORCSA assistance idea for further discussion and stated that the Ohio State Fair is not supported by the state of Ohio and that it is owned by the Ohio Expo and Quarter Horse Congress Association. And they don't care whether we, being the Ohio State Fair, are there or not. Indiana and Illinois Fairs are supported by their own states.

Daryl made a motion to adjourn and Mary Muller seconded the motion. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L. Guiher