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ORCSA Summer Picnic/General Membership Meeting
August 2, 2013 2013 held during the Ohio State Fair in the Horse Barn

President Andy called the meeting to order at 9:30am, a sign in sheet was passed for those attending. Since the minutes of our last membership meeting were sent out in the mail, Daryl Jones made a motion to not read the minutes. Mark Main seconded the motion and motion passed. The Treasurer's Report remains the same since our June 1 meeting, since Brenda is not here today. We had a balance of $1386.00 as of June 1, after our Chinese Auction , but this balance does not reflect Brandon Knapp's yearly invoice for our Web Site and his work on it, plus members' late dues paid and the expenses of engraving for the trophies. We discussed the Governor's Cup class, which had 14 entries this year and was won by the Bob Gunville Hitch from Michigan. We will be responsible for the cost of the 2014 trophy.

President Andy opened the meeting to nominations for officers for 2014. We will fill the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Clydesdale Trustee positions. Amy Grospitch nominated Maureen Wightman for Secretary and Daryl Jones seconded. Brenda Damschroder will seek the Treasurer's position and was nominated by Anita Guiher and seconded by Daryl Jones. Norm Guiher nominated Anita Guiher for Vice President and Daryl Jones seconded. Daryl Jones nominated Mark Main for Clydesdale Trustee and Maureen Wightman seconded. Daryl Jones made a motion to close the nomination. Mark Main seconded, and motion passed. Anita will put ballots in the next newsletter. A discussion followed on the a possible By-Law change, if we don't have people willing to take the two positions of Secretary and Treasurer. It is felt that we should leave this alone for now but continue to talk about it in the future, in case we want to change our By-Laws to combine the 2 positions for 2015. This would give us time to prepare for the possible change and give time for the membership to vote on this change.

President Andy talked about our upcoming Fall Outing at the Sidell's home. We'll have a date by the time the next newsletter comes out.

President Andy called for Old Business - none brought up. but he wanted to discuss the 2014 Equine Affair. Maureen offered to over see our participation and do the necessary paperwork ana follow ups. We'll need to talk up getting our membership to help and to bring horses for our display. More discussion on this event will be conducted at the next membership meeting. We fee. if we could get more participation by our membership, it could help attract more new members. Further discussion followed.

President Andy called for new business - none. Daryl Jones made motion to adjourn this meeting. Maureen Wightman seconded the motion and motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 10:05 am.

Respectfully submitted