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August 13, 2004 at 9:00 am

held at the Ohio State Fair

The meeting was called to order by President Deb Bechstein at 9:00 am and a call for the reading of the last General Membership Meeting minutes was made. Anita read the June 13, 2004 minutes, and Thresea Shively made a motion to accept the minutes as read, and Maria Sideli seconded the motion. A sign- in sheet was circulated for the members present.

Since Brenda was not present, Anita gave a financial report. Our beginning balance at the start of the year was $1178.08 with a total income balance, as of 8-1-04, of $3478.08. Expenses up to 8-1-04 have been $1089.87, leaving a present balance of $2388.21.

A call for unpaid bills to be submitted was made; there were none.

Theresa reported all trophies for the Ohio State Fair are paid for except one. She will follow up on this.

A call for Old Business was made:

Andy reported on our Social Event plans for a carriage/wagon drive for October 3 with a time set for 1 -5 pm at "Carriage Hill Farm" near Dayton. We can bring our own horses and driving vehicles for this event and the farm will also have a team and wagon available for those who do not bring their horses and equipment. There will also be a team available for plowing at the farm. A concession stand is open on the farm for snacks and drinks. There are several activities to enjoy while at the farm. We will try to have a handout in the newsletter explaining the farm and its features.

We are asking our member who plan to attend, to bring a picnic basket for themselves, and we will have a fellowship together after the drive and before leaving for our homes. Andy will look into the possibility of camping facilities on the farm or nearby.

NOTE: There is a trail that has a creek crossing but there should be enough space for turn around. There are seven miles of bridle trails available so. Andy will look into the availability of all these trails for our use. Dogs are welcome and hiking trails are open too, as well as fishing. You donít have to bring your horses or equipment if you do not want to, just come and enjoy the outing. We will put something out on our website on this event also.

Anita reported on the status of our Website which Brandon Knapp has up and running. Our Website address is: The "Draft Horse Journal" will have our Website address in the September issue. Our members can submit anything that they want on their links... .horses for sale, equipment, tack or whatever. Brandon can accept either photos or scanned photos. There is a fee of $20 for 4 photos ($5 / photo) [CORRECTION, the fee is $10 a page, and $1 a photo, up to five photos] If this is different than we will notify the members. This is a good way to advertise and a very inexpensive way to accomplish this.

We will try to design a form to help our membership with their submissions, so we can get more links on the site. If you need Brandoní s address or email, refer to the Summer newsletter or contact Anita at 419-588-2365 or email:

Anita gave a report on our Rep, Amanda Summers. She has taken on this duty without any prior horse showing experience and is a young lady who helps Ann Reid, an ORCSA member, with the Reid horses. We need to set up some guidelines and dress code for how we want our reps to dress and perform their duties. Deb will sew up some shirts for our reps to wear, in the future, as a type of uniform. Amanda tried very hard to help out and, as it turns out, the Ohio State Fair did not provide her any guidance on how to work the ribbons and trophies. Amanda needs to be commended for her efforts; she was always smiling and pleasant to each exhibitor as they came up for their awards. We need to help our reps get the jobs done and help them to know what is expected. Most of the time there are other reps from other breeds around to help too, but not this time. Maybe we could ask some of past reps to write about their experiences and pass this information on to the next upcoming reps. We will need to look into this further.

Deb gave a report on the Ways and Means committee. She talked about the possibility of using a 2 or 3 wheel electric/gas scooter for a possible fund raiser. We could buy it at cost and than raffle it off by selling tickets. Also, an idea had been suggested at a prior meeting to sell tickets on a Draft horse show cart, but this item would only be of interest to other draft horse folks. Deb also talked about selling items to promote our organization. Maria express her thoughts that we just need to do this already and go ahead and digitize our logo. We had discussed this at the picnic meeting and all there were in favor of doing this. The cost for the logo would be about $50. Deb will continue to pursue this. Daryl Jones made a motion to digitize the logo at a cost not to exceed $100. Theresa seconded this motion and motion passed.

We returned to further discussion on the scooter and the need to look into the power of the models and costs for the higher powered scooters. Maybe a 3 wheeler with higher wattage would be better. Deb will look into the accessories and power.

A call for New Business was made.

Andy wants to have a handout made up so that we can give them to potential new members, which would explain our organization. We will look into the possibility of Brandon Knapp doing this on his computer.

Maria would like to add a clinic or speaker to our picnic meeting to help educate old and new members.

Andy, Theresa and Deb requested a current listing of our membership to help out with what they are working on.

Gary discussed how to get our membership to continue to grow. We need to talk to folks who just bought a horse and invite them to join. Due to cost of postage, we have curtailed sending out our newsletters to all Ohio residents who belong to the national breed associations for both Clydesdales and Shires. We might approach our national breed associations to help put the word out that we have a state organization that might interest them. Word of mouth is one of our best bets for getting people interested. We need to talk to people we meet who own these horses, or are thinking of owning Shires or Clydesdales.

We need to submit nominations for the December elections. Gary reported that Loren might be interested in the president position but since Brenda will be having surgery soon, he will probably not be able to serve. Brenda had stated at the picnic meeting that she would stay on as treasurer, and was nominated for treasurer. Maria nomiated Norm Guiher, for president, Theresa seconded. Norm nominated Dave Long, for president and Andy seconded. Anita nominated Bill Burgett, for president, and Sam Borck seconded.

Anita nominated Sam Borck for Clydesdale trustee, and Norm seconded. Al Sidell nominated Doug Wiikens, for Clydesdale trustee, and Anita seconded. Andy nominated Tim Myers for Clydesdale trustee, and Gary seconded. Deb will contact the nominees to see if they accept the nomination and then Anita will prepare the ballots.

Deb stated that our Board should continue to meet every 2 months so that the organization continues to move ahead and keep our continuity.

We will put the election ballots in our next newsletter and have a return date of November 1, 2004 for the ballots.

We will have a "write in" spot for each position open on the ballots. Gary moved to close the nominations, Sam seconded.

Andy would like to put some information in the "Corral", a widely read monthly newspaper on horses and activities, about our organization and its activities. Anita will forward that info to Andy ASAP.

No further business was addressed, so a call for the meeting to adjourn was made. Al Sidell moved to adjourn, and Maria seconded the motion. Adjourned the meeting at 10:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L. Guiher

ORCSA acting Secretary