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August 12, 2005
General Membership Meeting Minutes
held at Ohio State Fair

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 10:00am. A sign- in sheet was passed, and it was noted that Emilee Edwards and her mother, Sharon McCard attended as guests.

Since minutes were sent in the last newsletter, Al asked for a motion to not read the minutes. Richard Forthofer made the motion, Andy Kavalauskas seconded the motion. Minutes stand as printed.

Al wanted to take time to extend some "thank you's" - one to Emilee and her support group for all her work so far. She is doing a great job, and we appreciate all her efforts and time given to this job.

Sandy Weldy wanted to announce that next year's Open Draft Horse Show at Eaton, OH would be under cover for the entire show and that their new arena is great.

Al gave the Treasurer's report, in Brenda's absence. We have $1732.92 balance, as of today, but have not paid for the OSF trophies yet or the last newsletter expenses. Al called for a motion to accept the report as given. Richard Forthofer made the motion to accept the report as read, Maria Sidel seconded. Al thanked Gary and Theresa Shively, although neither were here today, for all their work for OSF. Both Theresa and Gary have done their work for this event for many years, and we want to acknowledge them for their support and efforts for the Shires and Clydesdales.

Also, Al wanted to thank Linda and Dan Walker for overseeing the hospitality room this year at the OSF. Another thank you to Anita Guiher, our secretary for keeping us all informed through the timely newsletters.

Next was a called for Old Business:

Our Fun Event Weekend on September 17 & 18 will be held at Norm and Anita Guiher's farm. Members are welcome to set up camp on Friday evening. We will have our Fun Show on Saturday and Wagon Drive/Ride on Sunday. We want to have a pot luck and "hobo" stew meal on Saturday evening, and Guiher's farrier will give a presentation in the evening. Sunday morning will start with a community breakfast, a short Worship Service and then a drive/ride on the back roads to Anita's family homestead farm, followed with everyone bringing a picnic basket for lunch at our destination. Then drive back to the Guiher's farm and break camp and head for home. We are inviting our membership to bring guests and family to join the fun. It is to be noted that we have T-shirts, caps and some polo shirts with our logo for sale and will available at Fun Weekend for purchase.

Call for New Business:

It was brought to Al's attention at the Board meeting that we had a young exhibitor show a stallion at this year's OSF. It was felt that this was not a good practice for the safety sake of our youth. We are thinking of looking into having some rules or guidelines to cover these safety factors. We will go to the OSF committee with our concerns on this. Tim Myers make a motion to come up with a guideline for horse shows for our association's youth exhibitors. Norm Guiher seconded the motion. Discussion followed on the pros and cons of ORCSA having guidelines. Tim Myers will chair the committee and Richard Forthofer and Sandy Weldy will help with drawing up our guidelines. They will look on the American Shire and National Clydesdale web sites for some ideas. We would like this project to be done for a presentation to Ron Mack, OSF draft horse liaison for the December OSF meeting in Columbus. It was decided that October 1, 2005 will be our committee's deadline for the guidelines to be completed.

Al stated that Nominations for 2006 ORCSA Officers were needed for Vice-President, Trustee, Treasurer and Secretary. Nominations from the floor were taken:

Andy Kavalauskas nominated Jerry Eaton for Vice-President, Daryl Jones seconded.

Anita Guiher nominated Sam Borck for Vice-President, Maria Sidell seconded. Dan Walker made a motion to close the nominations for Vice-President. Jerry Eaton later declined his nomination.

Tim Myers nominated Andy Kavalauskas for our non- horse owner Trustee, Daryl Jones seconded.

Kory Weldy motioned to close the nominations for Trustee, Richard Forthofer seconded.

Daryl Jones nominated Brenda Damschroder for Treasurer, Jan Forthofer seconded.

Sandy Weldy motioned to close the nominations for Treasurer, Tim Myers seconded.

Daryl Jones nominated Anita Guiher for Secretary, Maria Sidell seconded. Pauline Eaton motioned to close nominations for Secretary, Mark Main seconded. Ballots will be sent out via mail. Write-ins will be accepted. Ballots must be returned by November 1, 2005. The new officers will be in place after the General Membership Meeting in Columbus in December 2005.

Maria asked that the minutes be summarized for meetings in the future, instead -of reading them at each meeting. We will try to have abbreviated minutes for the general membership meetings.

Al invited Emilee and her family to our Fun Event Weekend at the Guihers. Al asked for a motion to adjourn. Tim Myers moved to adjourn the meeting, Maria Sidell seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita L. Guiher ORCSA Secretary