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ORCSA General Membership Meeting Minutes August 11, 2006 held at the Ohio State Fair at 10:00a.m.

President Al Sidell called the meeting to order at 10:20a.m. and a sign in sheet was passed. A motion was made and seconded to not read the minutes of the last General Membership Meeting because everyone had received the minutes in the mail.

Since our Treasurer was not present, we did not have a report; however our Secretary stated that at of the June picnic meeting we had approximately $1400 in our checking account. Anita-reported that ORCSA had won $500 from the Reverse Raffle held at the Ohio Expo Show in June.

Theresa Shively reported that the Ohio State Fair trophies had cost about $700. Theresa said our trophies cost our members, who donated a sponsorship, $30 this year. She-had purchased items on sale from department stores for the trophies and then took them to the trophy engraver for name plates. It was noted that the exhibitors had expressed positive responses to these trophies. Al called for any outstanding bills and none were reported. Next he called for the committee . reports. It was noted that nominations for officers will be conducted later in this meeting. Our fall outing plans are under way for the September 30, October 1 weekend. Tim Myers, Norm and Anita Guiher, Jody Dellaria and Pauline Eaton will help organize the activities for this upcoming weekend event.

Anita reported on our Website and asked the members who have links on the site to consider updating the photos and or changing their written context, if needed. Also, any members who want to put their farm and horses on the site should contact Brandon, our webmaster, for help or assistance. Brandon would be happy to work with you to put your link on our site. Kory Weldy asked that we need to be thinking about our 2007 Youth Representative. The minimum age is 12 years old at the beginning of the year, but our consideration would be taken for anyone who might be younger and interested in representing ORCSA at the fairs and shows. Sharon McCord, our Youth Rep's mother asked for names of contacts for the Lorain County and Sandusky County Fairs so that she and Emilee could contact them about obtaining passes for their Draft Horse Shows. Tim Myers donated money for passes to the Sandusky County Fair and Daryl Jones donated money for passes to the Lorain County Fair so that Emilee and Sharon would not have to pay to go to these shows. Since these two fairs have big draft horse shows, , they wanted to be there to hand out the awards and represent ORCSA. The next item to cover was the nomination of officers for 2007. Al asked for names and discussion followed on potential candidates. Kory Weldy accepted nomination for President, as did Al Sidell. Anita Guiher accepted nomination for Secretary.

Sharon McCord accepted nomination for Treasurer and Brenda Damschroder will be contacted to see if she would run again. Pauline Eaton accepted nomination for Shire Trustee. Since Richard Forthofer was not here, Anita will contact him to see if he wishes to run again.

Ballots will be put in the next Newsletter and will need to be returned by November 1, 2006. Write-ins will be accepted if any one wishes to do so.

Our Fall outing will be September 30 and October 1 and will be held at Norm and Anita Guiher's farm. Campers can move in on Friday evening, September 29, if you'd like. If you are bringing your horses, contact Norm about stalls, as you may need to stall your horses in your trailer for thenights or tie off your trailers. We are requesting help from our members in getting things done and organized. We hope to have a clinic and or entertainment for part of the weekend's activities.

Next item discussed was jthe nominations for our Judges for the 2007 Ohio State Fair. Tim Myers will oversee this for us and will be in contact with Ron Mack, our Liaison officer fpr the Ohio State Fair. Anita will have a form in the next newsletter for our member who show, to nominate names for Tim so that he can contact the nominees prior to the December meeting, which will be held in Columbus, for the All Draft Horse Show. We need to have our Shire members, who show, to nominate names for their Halter Judge, our Clydesdale members, who show, to nominate names for their Halter Judge and also our Hitch exhibitors should nominate names for our Hitch Judge. These names need to be sent to Tim Myers prior to November 1, 2006.

A request was made to discuss proper show attire for the Ohio State Fair. Our show committee will address this item along with the class problems encountered at this year's Fair and also proposing changes for the class pay outs. Tim noted that we have no specific guidelines in the Rules Book for the Ohio State Fair, even though we have had them in the past. Discussion followed on this and Tim will work on this and present our recommendations to the Ohio State Fair Draft Horse Show Department.

Doc Hurt requested ORCSA send "thank you" notes to all " out of state" exhibitors, both Shire and Clydesdale, as a gesture of good will. Sharon McCord will do this, if she can get the names and addresses of this year's exhibitors. Al Sidell will help with this.

Gary Shively discussed the new "scratch the class" rule. There seemed to be an issue on how to make this work out for the evening classes, since the horse show office closes at 5.'00p.m. There is a need to have an alternative on this, as it will affect their pay outs. Next, we talked about the Hospitality Room Food for the exhibitors on Friday. Ron Mack's wife, Betty Lou, who oversees this room for the Belgian and Percheron exhibitors during the first part of the week, has offered to oversee it for the Clydesdale and Shire exhibitors on Fridays. The Ohio Belgian and Ohio Percheron Associations donate $100 each toward this and if we could donate $50 toward its management, we would not have to bother with it on Friday. A motion was made and seconded to donate $50 toward this offer. Motion passed. Mark Main and Daryl Jones both donated $20 toward next year's food and supplies for the Hospitality Room. Kory asked that Andy bring our ORCSA picture board to display outside the Room for next year. Anita stated that we have ORCSA Tee shirts and Caps for sale. We did sell two caps today. Al called for motion to adjourn this meeting and the meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita L Guiher Secretary ORCSA